Benefits of Paid Directory Submission

There are hundreds of highly regarded and human edited web directories online but the goal of all is to serve the same purpose, help webmasters promote their websites. These huge lists of directories are classified in to two categories such as Paid and Free. Depending upon your SEO campaign you can choose one. However, deciding upon paid directory submission can be beneficiary in many ways when compared to free directory because the money spent into it can in turn benefit much more than what you have invested. The review time taken by paid directories is very short and this way webmasters can save lot of time, not waiting for their website to be listed. The usual lead time for review is 24 hours but there are also some web directories that take more time, perhaps a week. Most importantly the best part you can notice here is that after your submit the website to paid directories, overall ownership lies with them and they take the initiative to let you know the status of your listing. For free directories, not all of them, it may take weeks or even more and some of them may not even inform you the status of your submission. When you submit your website to a paid directory, the chances of getting approval is high. The money you invest in here covers in expediting the approval and thus helping your website getting listed at a faster pace. If you observe there are some website which refund money back if the listing is not approved and vice versa. If you choose a free directory for your website listing then depending upon the volume of the directory your listing may be reviewed. The wait time for approval will generally be long and most often the chances of your listing getting approved are very less. If your listing is approved then there is no guarantee it will stay forever. The link may be removed at any point of time without any notice to you. Before considering paid directories as the option for link building, plan your budget and choose them very carefully. Take time to research on various web directories with respect to quality and try to follow their submission guidelines and service terms. Make sure not to miss those key points where in they stress that inclusion is not guaranteed and money is not refundable, do keep all these points in mind while submitting. As web directories are the greatest source of quality back links and acquiring good inbound links they can favor in many ways such as improving your website rankings on search engines. Utilize your budget in an effective manner to reap the benefits from paid directories. If you still think that paid directories are not worth for your Site optimization then you can research online and for sure you will find that paid directory are given the utmost priority in improving a website rankings. Get listed to Millions of B2B Buyers – $50 Off!