Best ways to create an SEO-PPC feedback loop

If you are running an SEO and PPC campaign simultaneously and if they don’t interact with each other, you must be wasting lot of time and efforts altogether. The findings you come across in one campaign can be applied to other for mutual benefit, and if you neglect to share those findings, you will be losing lots of opportunities. It mostly happens in organizations where SEO and PPC are operated by two different groups. If the experts of one particular area don’t interact enough with another in sharing information there are chances of not reaching the expected results from these campaigns. Another reason could be that marketers aren’t aware of the things that both the campaigns have search in common. So what could be the best ideas to benefit SEO and PPC campaigns in mutual ways? Have a look at the following: Efficient usage of PPC Search Data for SEO After analyzing the PPC search query data, you may find a lot of terms that drive traffic to your paid search but do these terms really help in your SEO campaign? Yes and what you need to do is observe the opportunity on how these terms can be used to benefit your SEO campaign. Utilizing these keywords and modifying the SEO content can improve traffic to your campaign and that too without increasing the PPC budget. As PPC data informs the terms that are relevant for your campaign and conversion friendly; on the other side the same keywords can assure you to build a strong SEO campaign for better prospects. Information Architecture should become the base for your campaign structure Your sites information architecture- It’s always better to have a defined classification of the organization that is very similar to that of the AdWords campaign structure. In other words, both should display a simple flow starting from the top, high-level to down and should be categorized in to more specific subcategorizes. These subcategories should represent the ad groups and pages on your website and as well the keywords need to be displayed in your ad groups and ads in the text on your pages. Use SEO success strategies as PPC landing pages Hopefully you have a conversion tracking system in place for all the pages and keywords but not for those only which are set up for PPC. If you find the pages that are set for organic keywords are performing well with respect to conversions then you have got a strong chance to repurpose those pages and use as landing pages for your PPC campaign. Let be brief with an example, say you have updated the blog with a post called “Cheap calling cards to Korea” and 30% of your visitors end up in buying the calling card to Korea. In such scenarios, you can use this particular blog post as the landing page by adding some description like “Get cheap calling cards to Korea” Once you get habituated to the process and make both the campaigns notify each other, you can definitely imagine of more ideas to repurpose content and data, and thereby you can achieve the expected results.