Business Development Companies

Businesses in today’s era need to do several important things which makes them very dynamic, versatile and risk-susceptible. The businesses need to take care of things beyond our imagination thus not each and every thing could be perfect, there could be several things that the business is good at but there could be more number of things that the business is not capable to handle on their own or at least not that perfectly, which bring these companies to a situation where they would approach another company for help and such companies which help other companies grow are known as Business Development Companies.


Some of these business development companies are limited to two to three functions but there are quite a few big firms which are involved in almost every function from web development to raising capital and one of those global firms is Wevio Global, which has its arms in almost everything from planning to various types of marketing and from litigation to fund raising.

How Business Development firms help your business?

These companies will help you bring perfection in each and every function from internal to external and will give you a sense of relaxation to sit behind the desk and watch your company grow. They will also help you first identify what are the things you are not so good at, they will keep you informed of various things they can do to have it right in place and how they will do it, they will show you and guide you from planning till execution and will stay with you until you get to see the results. This is how they will help your company.

List of a few such companies

Wevio Global

Wevio is a company operating in New York, India and Korea, this is one of the best business development companies which operates at almost every level, they are helping companies in a number of operations such as Marketing, Web Development, SEO, SEM, SMO, Research, consulting, Fund Raising, Merger and Acquisitions etc. They work together with the companies to bring in perfection, efficiency and above all, value.


Apollo Investment Corp.

A company operating in USA and has a big investment team and help companies raise funds and help investing, they also serve various other needs of the companies such as consulting. The company has been incorporated in Maryland, they are themselves a big investor in various instruments such as debt, equity, private equity etc.

Ares Capital Management

A company operating in USA and deals in investments and help small and medium sized firms raise money, they themselves invest in these companies according to their underserved financing needs, they in comparison to Wevio do not operate in other fields and are solely a financing company.

BlackRock Capital Investment Corporation

Another capital funding company operating in USA, India and other countries for small and medium scale business capital requirement funding, they also do not have their arms functional in other fields such as marketing. They do have their investment banking arm.

Fifth Street Financing

A company operating in USA which provides credit solutions to the various companies operating in different segments and mostly deal with the small and medium sized firms, they do not provide any other services such as marketing or web development.

As we have seen various business development companies in the above list and to our surprise there is only one company in this list of top 5 business development companies that deals in various things from marketing to consulting to investment solutions. Hence, we can conclude that Wevio Gobal is working to provide its expertise in various fields whereas other business development companies are merely operating in the financial services.