Different Types of Blog Posts

Blog posts are one of the major tools any marketer has, they all rely on blog posts these days for various promotions be it goods or services or even any idea, today the relevance of blogs has gone up several scales as compared to past. Common people want to know everything and people have become more curious about things around them, they want information in the easiest way possible which is so made possible by these bloggers who write different types of blog posts for meeting their audience’s diversified needs. There are number of blog posts for a same topic and it is very easy for a person to just click on the first link which shows up on the search engine but what about your blog and your post, don’t you want them to visit your blog, I bet you do! So, let me share 4 types of blogs that you can write to make your blog attractive and get yourself some page views.

Newsjacking Posts
A kind of blog post which can include any type of news whether National or International, whether local or breaking news video shot by you, anything that can right away attract the attention of your audience and if you run short of some good news than the real thing comes to play and that is give your opinion on an old news or give strong arguments against some news that you found to be fake. All you need to do while writing this kind of blog post is having a decent number of facts backing your opinions which will really turn your blog space a reliable source of information to your audience.
Instructional Posts (tutorials)
Another kind of blog post that has proved to be a game-changer in the world of blogging and online marketing, people make number of tutorial videos via which they also kind of advertise number of things that they use in the tutorial, there are several bloggers who write these step by step guides to inform their audience about a process. What kind of tutorials to make available on your blogs? The answer is as easy as anything and you already know it, whatever that can help a common man save his time and money, that would be the exact kind of tutorial you will need to make.
The Cheat Sheet Posts
Had there been a long news or any long story that people would like to know the conclusion of can be briefed and attract a number of new as well as old audience, there are some important things which people want to know about such as “some gifts for a female friend” so instead of giving a full list of 30 items you can prepare a cheat sheet of 5 categories which consist of those 30 items, this way your audience will save their time and would look forward to more post from you.
The Entertaining Posts
People want to look up for entertaining posts on internet in their leisure for having a laugh or to just pass their time, these types of posts bring a whole new level of opportunity for the marketers and they can tap into the space of affiliate marketing, which really is very prosperous. Posts from “who is doing what in a T.V series” to “what 5 gadgets you must have” are popular under this type of blog post.

Wevio blog entertainment

Informational Posts
Another very popular type of blog post which attracts majorly youth in its stratum of audience and the posts are read even several times by a single person to retain the knowledge, there are people who not only write the right content but they also structure it in a way so that they are able to promote different products for which they are paid by the companies.
Controversial Posts
A very page-view friendly post from which one can certainly increase the number of page views and can compel the existing audience to stay with the blog. The posts like these will easily attract number of comments and shares.
Review Posts
Review post can be a little expensive as you might need to have a specific experience to review something but can really help you grow the blog. Companies like to get their products reviewed and they approach the most popular YouTubers to review their products for a fee. They also provide the device for free to get it review. You can work to make your blog posts such interesting that companies like these approach you and offer you money.
Infographic Posts
One of the most interactive type of blog posts is infographic post which convey most of the message through pictures and graphs with a brief paragraph of words introducing the image to convey complete message.
Interview Posts
If you have great network and you know experts in various fields then this type of blog post is suitable for you. You can easily interview someone expert in any field you have a little knowledge about and you can either upload a video or you can write the necessary.

Wevio Interview-Blog

Case Studies (stories)
Now who doesn’t like to know and read about successful people and success stories, who doesn’t want to know the tips theses successful people have to give and for this reason case studies take whole new level of promotional strategy, when you can make money selling story what is better than that. Usually people advertise various things via their posts for instance a book seller might be interested in writing a post on GMAT 780 scorer and would refer a book that person used while preparing, and he has got a few buyers then and there.

Beside these type of blog posts there are several others which can be sub categorised under these ten and to close down with a thought-provoking tip, I would like to reiterate the most widely known technique to attract traffic on a blog which is SEO (search engine optimisation) something everyone should focus on as your blog post might not receive traffic regardless of good content if your SEO is not in place!