Difficulties in Digital Marketing – and How to overcome it

Major Companies are not into Blogging. After lots of online presence and interaction online on social networks, one can simply assume that blogging would have become ubiquitous by now. Not so much. A Survey conducted by UMass produced the percentage of blogging commitment by fortune 500 companies. It says in 2008, 16% of the Fortune 500 had Blogs and communicating with the public. In 2014, there is not much difference and it came to 31%. Experts says that the “Blogging should be done as a commitment”. If you start blogging, you have to continue doing it. You have to update your blog on a regular basis with valuable information that helps your customers understand your company and product. It’s very clear that if you dedicate yourself to blogging, you can easily understand your customer’s needs and improve your performance accordingly. Companies aren’t sure What Social Media is all about. Promoting yourself on a social network is not a good approach. It’s like a cocktail party, don’t be a jerk and talk about yourself all the time. You should try to understand what others are interested in. Don’t try to make a sale before you get to know someone. Other people will not care about your updates and tweets unless you have something that is more interesting than self-promoting posts. Go, Socialize with your followers and you will definitely benefit from socializing with your followers. People don’t want to read, they want to see. The rise of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest has shown the hunger for visual communication online. Yet most marketers don’t take full advantage of the possibilities. There are so many tools online which helps us create / edit images, helps to create info-graphics. Use these tools and take advantage of visualization, instead of just simple text. Create engaging info-graphics that are easily understandable and share them online. More than a decade into the social era, most of your competitors still don’t fully get it. That’s really a competitive advantage for you, if you’re willing to immerse yourself in the unique possibilities online communication presents.