Farming Equipment From South Korea

Agriculture is the backbone of any developing nation because no country born industrialised, so is the case with Korea, the economy of Korea had long relied upon agricultural products and since 1950s the country has seen its ups and downs in the agricultural trade and one thing that keeps it going is the determination of Koreans, agricultural needs have since been rising and to fulfil the need of agricultural products in Korea the Koreans have designed and produced agricultural equipment, from 1960s till date they have been producing different agricultural equipment for their various needs. In the late 1960s the farm workers started to migrate to urban areas as they were getting handsomely paid from industries. Now there was a rising demand for workers on the fields, which was then substituted by the powered equipment. Those equipment made the work easy and were hugely appreciated by both agrarians and corporates as both were making good money.

Let me introduce you to a few machines which are widely accepted and are best from the Korean companies.


Tractors are widely used powered machines to meet the various needs of the fields, the people of Korea use it and export them heavily to other countries. The tractors produced in Korea have good power and are long lasting, these tractors can perform all task that a traditional tractor can with minimizing the operating cost and these machines do not ask for much maintenance as the companies make sure the equipment are well lubricated to stay a health and long life. The components are exported as well along with the tractors because of them having a cost advantage and better performers people from all over the world are accepting these machines.


Robotractors are a massive machine that can perform big jobs like excavating fields with its giant buck hoe, or picking up heavy things like bale of hay for livestock etc. These machines are admired by big farmers mostly who want to power up their operations in big fields and that to be with perfection. These kind of tractors are much in demand from big countries like USA and Australia, but are exported all over the world and specially in the Asia.

Power Tillers

One machine that is used by almost every farmer because of its usefulness and low prices, people in Korea produce these machines to sell across the Asia and to the world the countries like Japan, India, Philippines etc. To cut the workforce cost the Korean people have made these machines so user-friendly and fuel efficient that people from other countries are bound to buy the machines from Korea.

Walking-type Rice Transplanters

These machines can be easily handled by the farmers and are used to plough the field for rice plantation. Fuel efficient and user-friendly make these machines a-must-have for the farmers’ equipment room. These machines are majorly sold to small farmers as big farmers use big excavators for such tasks.

Farming Equipment

Pesticides Spraying Drones

Korea has been developing machines which are proving to be very useful to the farmers for automating their various operations and one of those is this small but very useful machine which help spraying the pesticides without having farmers exposed to the pesticides which is improving the health of the farmers.

There are other heavy machines as well as light machines which are manufactured in Korea and sold all over the world now because of the latest technology used in these machines which make these machines more efficient are gaining them more popularity all over the world. There is more technological advancements yet to come and Korea would probably be the first one to bring such changes.