Graphic Designing Misconceptions

Designers and their clients have an interesting relationship. This is a symbiotic relationship where both need each other and yet do not understand each other. A lot of misconceptions arise and sometimes animosity. In order to help understand both sides I’m exploring some of the more common misconceptions about designers. myths about graphic design Abstract Design (Silly, a Child Could Do It)

Abstract designs are rarely understood. They are usually seen as vain attempts or at best half-assed attempts at realizing a project.

Graphic Designers Are Expensive!

Graphic Design services are seen as being unreasonably expensive. They are also rarely fixed. Every project requires different things and each project has a different timeline that need to be followed. Prices have to be set according to the project and various factors.

Graphic Design is Easy

The industry is seen as being frivolous. There is nothing simple and relaxing about being creative on demand, especially when someone else is defining creativity.

Graphic Designers Have a High Salary

Design is a competitive field with a lot of people trying to get their foot in the door. This means the value of our service is driven down. There are also a lot of amateurs that glut the job market.

Anyone Can Learn Online

Using online tutorials an individual can learn a lot of the building blocks of a good designer. They will learn how to use the tools of the trade and pick up a bit of the thought process. However, nothing beats getting a real degree in theory and learning the thought process behind design.

No Rules No Boundaries

Graphic design is seen as lighthearted. It is seen as a flexible job, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Graphic designers are expected to turn around drafts almost instantaneously. They also have to adhere to deadlines even if the involvement of other individuals slows down delivery.

Jobs Are Easy to Come By

Jobs are easy to come by, paid jobs and actually positions are not. Many people will request a designer’s service on a freelance or contracted basis but not as a full time employee.

Designers Plagiarize

There is a distinct difference between copying another person’s idea or design and drawing inspiration.


There are going to be a lot of situations that can cause frictions. Seeking understanding is important for both clients and designers to work together.