Increase The Chances Of Getting Your Website Organically Ranked

Well how important is it to get your website organically ranked? It is as important as you want people to know about your website because if your website is not organically ranked it is for sure that your site is not going to show up in the first page of Google search which means people will never come to know that you exist at all. So this is the reason you want to have your site organically ranked, there could be several more reasons but what we are going to show you is just amazing. We will reveal the best techniques to get your site organically ranked as fast as you could. Here are the five tips:


Define your Keywords

This is something as important as your website is for you because if you do not have your keywords not in place your search results would go terribly wrong and you will end up having wrong audience which I suppose you wouldn’t appreciate much. So here is how you can get your keyword list in the best shape, use Google AdWords keyword planner to check and make the best keyword list for the products you target for different audiences. If you can get this right which means right keywords for each page in your website you will be compelled to witness the growth of your site.

Create Content for Personas first and for Search Engines Second

Creating content which is well optimized by search engines but is no good for the people who are going to read it then that content is basically useless, you need to keep up with the search engine but not on the cost of personas after all they are the ones which will drive your business.

Quality Content Drives the Growth

The content that you are going to put on the internet should be creative, appealing and should be qualitatively up to the mark. The people do not much appreciate the content that they have been reading over internet time and again because that would drive a person to boredom which you are not supposed to do with your content. So the content that you are required to create must be very engaging and appealing if you really want to have your site organically ranked.

Create Cornerstone Pages

It’s always a better idea to have multiple loose end pages on the same topic around your website and creating one master page to have the search engines’ bots crawl your website easily and fetch the data from your website on the Google. This helps to master your search engine optimization and helps getting your website organically ranked.

Mix Up your Anchor Text

Let us begin with understanding what anchor tags are, anchor tags are the text formed links to some other location by which I mean the links you put in your content for redirecting your audience to some other page such as “click her to register” which actually contains hyperlink. Now what is that the search engine does while looking at a page you have posted which contains anchor tags, the bots would crawl through the content and keywords to process the relevant data and understand what your page is talking about but then there is something which it does not understand and that is your anchor tags, so what you need to do is, you need to mix your tags such a way that the search engine understands it. Just replace that “click here” by “Register here”. This will let search engine understand that your content on this page involves register option as well and will integrate it while showing up the results on the search engine.

These are the five piece of advices that can help you increase your chances to get your website an organic ranking.