Increasing Revenue & Acquiring New Customers through Search Engine Marketing

– Successful online marketing requires constant informational updates and management. – Online marketing strategy needed for a specific target market Like other existing forms of offline marketing, the first step in implementing Internet Marketing is through detailed planning and coming up with a strategy. In addition, it is important to continuously update and maintain the website. Currently, the most popular types of Internet Marketing known to date are SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEM promotes websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages through bidding to occupy that position. CPC (Cost-per-click) is a part of SEM advertising and functions by having an advertiser pay search engines for a single click on its advertisement that brings one visitor to its website. Meanwhile, CPM (Cost-per-Millennium) is a type of fixed advertising system that estimates the relative cost of an advertising campaign anywhere from 500-1000 views. CPC advertising is generally more cost-efficient and more effective than CPM advertising because they operate by targeting a specific market and identify groups of similar customers and potential customers through the process of market segmentation. In the case of keywords, Google Adwords operates at a cost of $0.01 per click for keywords with low competition and exposes the websites at the very top of the search results page. In the case of highly-competitive keywords, the cost-per-click tends to be higher. However, since specific and detailed keywords have low bidding prices, it can help maximize revenue and efficiency. Selecting and managing the website’s title and promotional statement (description) is the most important role in online advertising. This is because the title and the description of the website have a big impact to the rankings of the search result pages on the search engines and can increase the number of visits from potential customers to the website. In addition, the importance of using a strategic plan to target and effectively run a specific advertising campaign online has been increasing. CPC Advertising The most representative product of CPC advertising is Adwords, which is operated by Google. This advertising product reflects and measures the click rate of quality ads and controls the search result rankings according to the biddings. In order to use this program efficiently, it is important to choose and select the search terms (keywords) that is most appropriate to the website. General keywords normally have a high bidding price since competition is high while specific keywords generally have a lower bidding price because competition is low. CPM Advertising Since highly-competitive keywords can lead to excessive spending on advertising, CPM advertising can be a little more cost-efficient. Once you buy the keywords, you are not required to pay for the continuous clicks. However, if the keyword is used for the first time and is currently being bided, you might not be able to purchase the keyword due to high competition. WEVIO’s CEO Calvin Yi said, Since the Internet is a form of new media that has dramatically reduced the way companies and consumers can do business, it is important to pay close attention to detail and put full effort into the marketing strategy and to attract potential customers and increase sales, it is important to constantly pay close attention to online marketing activities by major search portal sites like Google, Yahoo, and South Korea’s Naver.