Is PPC Campaign a key to SEO Strategy?

One very important thing that I like about search is the ability to collect data and then work on data to convert it in to sales. However, if you have got a new website obviously you won’t be having data to analyze. In such cases paid search campaigns can work well to gather data and analyze it within a short period of time. The question is, why would you want to create data? It’s simple, because you would want to know the terms which works best for your website that drives sales. Let me explain… Keyword research is the commonly followed method to find out the terms that fit for a website. And based on this research one may choose terms which are real worthy for a website or may indentify competitor’s keywords that are already ranking. But how will you know that these terms are relevant for you? Because these keywords may convert well for your competitors and may not for you. No amount of keyword research will ever tell you how much well the terms you have picked will convert. To support SEO efforts, most companies invest huge amount on keyword targeted links just to find out that these terms can really help or not. And also, when you ask anyone how they have decided to choose a particular term as a keyword then the answer would be on the “Search Volume”. But if observe closely in the long run you can notice that the keyword with less competition can convert more than the keyword with high competition. The reason? You can come to know the keyword behavior only if you have already run a PPC campaign. For example, if you have changed the design of your website then you can notice the terms which worked prior may not work well after the web design changes are done. The point to be noted here is that the terms you want to rank for don’t always assure the conversion rate. This is where you can totally trust and invest in PPC. Running a PPC campaign will enable you to identify the terms that works best for you. And once you have identified these keywords you can go ahead and start building your SEO campaign. For existing sites, you can always use Web Analytics tool to keep track of your website in finding out the potential keywords. Thereafter monitor the keyword behavior religiously and put your efforts in SEO to make your campaign a success. Instead don’t waste time and money to find out why these terms don’t convert for you as you expected.