Make testing part of your SEO plan

Every master plan needs to be tested. No matter how perfect or how well thought out it might be, without test driving it could lead to a disaster. A business expert would know that an operation plan is always tested out before the real execution. The same goes for Search Engine Optimization. In Search Engine Optimization, there are no rules. Ask any professional, and they’ll tell you the same. It doesn’t consist of any formulas or calculations. To keep it simple, we broke it down two things: planning and testing. What to test SEO is all about keywords and key phrases. Additionally, there’s interesting content to draw in the visitors. The main things to test are your keyword selections, placements and design factors. Keywords can be classified in to two: 1) main keywords and 2) long tail keywords. Emphasize more on the long tail keywords when making your selections at the same time, think about how you should arrange them in your web pages. How to test Most people like to start testing with a large number of options. To achieve this, you can try multivariate testing, which means setting up a number of options in different variations across a number of pages. This way, you can test each page and see which combinations of components are successful. On the other hand, a majority of SEO Professionals talk about A/B testing. This is meant to be implemented when you have narrowed down your options and want to check which ones are the most effective. To get the best results with A/B testing, you should test on a specific area of your website.