Most Common Mistakes in PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click is considered the toughest campaign to manage known to web-kind. However, if managed properly, the results are rewarding and can lead to great success. Before we get into what makes a PPC campaign successful, let’s talk about some common mistakes that come about.

The best way to run a smooth error-free PPC campaign is to not make mistakes in the first place. In the case of PPC, mistakes are easy to make, but once made, it is hard to get out and recover from it. So with that in mind, be proactive and avoid making mistakes before you make them. To do that, you must be aware of what these common mistakes are. Failing to make proper account settings and not making an effective ad design are some common mistakes.

Here are some more that you should fully be aware of in PPC:

  1. Inappropriate targeting,
  2. Insufficient number of ads in the ad groups
  3. Lack of negative keywords
  4. Improper usage of tools for keyword research

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is in the early stages where they target the wrong audience and location for the campaign, and not fully defining their target audience from the beginning. Using one single ad per ad group is another mistake commonly made. One can use ads for multiple groups since people are drawn towards multiple kinds of ads in different locations. With just one quality ad, you’re able to use it for many different locations and groups of locations, as a result, earning more with less. Many people are not aware of this method.

Using negative keywords is also a good method used in PPC. It blocks unwanted traffic and helps your site focus on more quality, targeted keywords. Keyword analysis prior to the launch is strongly recommended, and usage of proper tools for keyword research is also preferred.

Once you apply these basics and overcome these small commonly made mistakes in PPC, you will definitely have a head start from the rest.