New Version of Google AdWords Editor

Google recently announced the release of AdWords Editor Version 9.5 and that includes few new updates to make it a lot worthier than the earlier version. So, let’s go ahead and review it. Campaign Experiments The new version of Google AdWords Editor 9.5 enables you to change experiment status at the ad group, keyword, and ad levels. Also you can change Default Max. CPC or CPM and Display Network Max. CPC or CPM bids at the ad group level. And moreover, you can change Max CPC bid multiplier at keyword level. Once you are done with editing you can even import and export the experiment status and bid multipliers in both .CSV and .XML formats which is really nice. Locations Extensions Google AdWords Editor 9.5 lets you create new location extensions manually for any address and as well modify the existing ones because it supports both existing and new location extensions. If you wish to download them you can do in .CSV or .XML format now. Background Download I feel this is one of the best features because it saves lot of time. For example, if you are dealing with quite a number of big accounts then you can download them in the background while working on some other account. Obviously a couple of changes can be noticed in the new version that makes the user experience better. And these changes include improvement on the revert functionality and streamlining the “Add Multiple Items” workflow. Overall, the new version for sure will save some time for you and definitely will make your life a bit easier. So, download it and checkout the features.