On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular tools to widen up your websites visibility which also helps in the better ranking of your website. Today, nobody owns a website which is visible on search engines without the help of SEO, hence, it is important you take good SEO lessons and this is one of them, you need to know what SEO is categorized into, there are two parts to this; one is on page SEO and second is off page SEO, we will be discussing about these two in a greater detail below.


On Page SEO

The easier one and a highly controllable one, on page as the name suggests it has to deal with the pages on your website and all that your page has to do with such as the headings, sub headings, titles, content, URL structure, description etc. You need to optimize each and everything that is under your control in a way that it allows the search engine to fetch data from your website as soon as possible. This will help your website to shine up in the search engine and will fetch data from your website whenever possible. Let us see in detail what all things you need to work upon to get better ranking and to better optimize your pages with the search engine.


Titles and Description

First thing that you need to optimize is the title of your page and the description of your page because the search engine looks at the description and the title first and then it looks for anything else on your page.

URL Structure

One thing that you need a little technical understanding with is URL structure and you want to keep it short and optimizable so that the search engine can easily understand what your website is all about.

User Friendly Navigation

The optimization is not only limited to the things which are obvious but things such as navigation systems are also important and hence you need to take care of these things and need to make sure your pages are user friendly and easy to navigate.

Image Optimization

One another important thing is to manage your images in such a way that the search engine understands that your page has certain images for certain topic. You can do it simply by naming the image accurately. If you have an image of an Apple then you better rename it to Apple.

Fast Loading Pages

You cannot get away with a faulty page as the search engine bots will ignore such kind of pages and your website will never show up on the search engine.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is something you can’t do much about as it highly depends on the site ranking which helps in backlinks and link shares, but of course, you can have On-page SEO in place to get a good page ranking which helps you get good backlinks and link shares. There are several things you can do to get your backlinks and link shares.


Social Media Shares

You can make sure to have a Facebook page and have an Instagram account to share your backlinks and help your pages have better linking with already-in-use platforms which will help in fetching the data from your website.

Leave Comments in Forums

What you can also do is leave some comments in big forums to create some good backlinks.
There is not much to with the Off-page SEO but you can improve your both the SEO by having On-page SEO in place.