Proven strategies for SEO

It’s been a couple of months we are in to New Year, and the phrase “done with the old, yet with the new” has found its way into every aspect of life, including the SEO world. Implementing new ideas and energy into your old SEO efforts can definitely renew your results. But is that mandatory to eliminate those things completely what you have done last year, even if it has shown positive results? Identifying the positives and leaving the failures would be a little difficult business decision. The initial step for you would be to analyze the current strategy. So, list down the strategies what have worked for you in the previous year and which haven’t. Then make sure you include the following tips to reap the benefits. 1. Audience first, search engines next Don’t forget your user base? Always write for your targeted audience first and then for search engines. As users being the assets for your business, make sure to write for them to promote your website because they are the ones who link to you and come back again for your products and services. Always write the article first and then take help of the keyword tool to find the related keywords with good search volume. And remember to balance the article by including these keywords to boost your rankings. 2. Optimize Internal Links Don’t be timid – link to yourself. It becomes extremely helpful if you include few links that link to other posts on your blog. Doing this will enable search engines to find and index posts and turns them in to inbound links if they are picked up by other websites. 3. Include Images with Proper Tags Adding images to your post adds visual appearance to it and as well drives new users to your website. Image optimization on the other way can add value to your SEO efforts in bringing relevant traffic apart from providing visual appeal to your blog. Always make sure to add ALT tags to the image you are displaying in your posts so that they are easily found when making image search. 4. Optimize Page Titles Make complete use of the page titles to describe the page on your website. Always look for ways to maximize the chances to avail the given limit of 64-characters count provided by Google for all your pages using relevant keywords and descriptions. For example, for a web design company in New York, NY; may be: Web Design New York, NY | XYZ Web Design company”. That headline can make perfect sense because it contains the relevant keywords which might be used by most to get the details of web design companies in New York. 5. More Pages = More Google Indexing Google is thirst of content! Feed as many pages as you can to increase your visibility in search engines. Blog being considered the best way to increase your chances of being found, you can update it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This tactic will keep your site updated with fresh content and helps to get displayed in search engine results. Implementing the above five SEO techniques along with the strategies which brought you success in the past year should prove successful for your business.