Rules of Web Design

web design rules

  1. Design and Overall Appeal. (Keep Design Clear and Simple) Does your websites look and overall appeal represent you and your company? Does your website reflect your goals? Clean and simple design makes a website user friendly. Think from a users point of view. Layout is important.
  2. Content – Information of ValueThe Internet has many options when it comes to finding information. The new rule of thumb for the website these days is (Content is King).
  3. Keywords – (Title Keywords and Repeating Keywords) Keywords help people find your website. Choose a keyword or phrase and use it a few times inside of your article.
  4. Ease of use – Navigation. Make Navigation Easy There are three typical types of navigation systems: Vertical, Horizontal and a combination of Vertical and Horizontal. Making navigation easy is important. If your visitors get frustrated they are less likely to return.
  5. Browser CompatibilityTest how your site looks and functions on a multitude of different browsers. Different browsers can effect the design and functionality of your website.
  6. ALT Tag Optimization – An Important SEO ComponentAlternative tags are recommended for images on your website. Search engines crawl for these tags and they are useful in supplying more information.
  7. Keep Your Site UpdatedThe biggest detriment to a website is leaving old information up. Your website should be regularly to make sure that everything functions well. Information should be updated. Time stamping will also make sure new content is recognized.
  8. 404 Redirect PageIf pages are broken a visitor will receive an error message. Using a redirect page will send a visitor to a page of your choosing.
  9. Readable TextThere is a list of fonts that a majority of web users already have installed. Using alternative fonts you run the risk of a visitor not having it installed and it will default to another font. This can affect your intended results.
  10. Give Them a Reason to ReturnA blog or forum attached to your website can add an interactive element to your website. It change your website from being static and give your visitors a chance to ask questions and leave comments.