How Does The Search Engine Work

Everyone on internet admires Google, the biggest and most used search engine worldwide but have you ever given a thought, how does this search engine thing work? Probably no because everyone is interested in SEO but no one wants to put in the efforts to find out how actually the search engine works. Well, if you want to have a neck for SEO, you need to understand how search engines really works and here I am going to explain it.


Search engines work all from crawling to fetching webpages for the query that you made on the search dialogue box, it does all the work for you and gives you the webpages that have relevant data to your query. So, let’s dive deep into the functioning of search engines.

Let’s begin with the crawler module which is used by the search engines to extract data from the web, the crawler module will send crawling bots which will extract web pages from the web and bring those webpages back to the search engine, which will be stored temporarily in the page repository (this process does not require any stimulation from the user, this is an ongoing process) until it is sent to the indexing module where the content will be stripped from these webpages into headings, sub headings, images, videos, internal links etc. Here is where the SEO comes into play, where we try to optimize our headings, sub headings, images etc. into the indexing module, this is the part where the search engine defines a very clear summary of the websites. Once the indexing is done the indexing module pushes the data under different indexes just like the image index, content index or video index which is used to separate the results, as you must have seen in the Google, if you will search about Apple and will press image button on the right-top the result that the Google will fetch would only be in the images. This whole process is automatic and internal, this would happen regardless you search anything on search engine or not as the search engine is optimizing different new added pages.


Now, what happens when you type a query on the search engine? When we type in the search box the query is sent to the query module where the words are converted into a language that the search engine can understand which is machine language. Then after this the query module sends the query to the indexes which reverts back with thousands of webpages which passes through a ranking module which determines which page is to be shown on the top, ranking module works on two bases, one, the quality of content and, two, it looks for the popularity index. This the typical way a search engine works, if you are thinking of SEO, SEM etc. then this knowledge is really going to come handy.


So, the search engine works on all the stages to refine the results to the users’ needs and thus these search engines are so effective.