SEO’s Three Stages Of Keyword Success

Everyone wants SEO for his website. This is because Search Engine Optimization helps a website to be indexed in high priority by search engines. Such high priority comes with good traffic for your website. So, you can also make money out of your website. SEO can be accomplished with a number of tricks and strategies as well. However, the important factor is that you should use keywords and tags for your benefit. Now what should you do with these keywords? How can they help you make your website successful? And how long will it actually take? We will see the answers of these keywords. The first type of keywords is that of branded keywords. Branded keywords are those, which contain the name of your company. So, these keywords should be filled around adequately in your content. Now, you can go ahead with promotions and ads. When people become aware, they will search for your company website. They will find your company database through your links. For this, you will have to paste links and advertising campaigns on a number of places on the Internet. These promos will bring in more search engine crawlers and bots. Thus, the website will be indexed by search engines. The second type of keywords is that of non-branded, long-tail keywords. These keywords are more generic than your branded keywords and tags. They will be like a bigger keyword about some product or service. These are also frequently searched by people on the search engines. So, you will have to include these words a lot on the tags. The search engine detectors will find out that your webpages have these specific words and tags. They will index the pages of your website in their search results. So, this stage will last for about 6-8 months. The last type of keywords is that of short-tail keywords. These words narrow down to the basic terms for products and services. So, these are the simplest words to describe the specific products and services. When people type these words or phrases as queries, they will find a number of websites and databases listed. So, you should fill them up strategically in your entire web domain. You would have to do this so as to gain an upper hand on the numerous other websites and databases. This phase will take about more than 6-8 months. However, patience is a virtue and the results will be well worth the wait.