Tactics to improve Your Keyword List

If you plan to optimize a website or wish to run AdWwords, keyword research should be the foundation for your successful online presence. This can help you to identify the potential keywords for your SEO and PPC Campaigns. Moreover, it provides you with ideas in modifying content for better prospects. There are many keyword tools available to help you perform keyword research efficiently. Among this you can find WordTracker, which is a paid one and Google AdWords keyword tool, which is available for free. Depending upon your budget you can use either of them. However, if you are running tight on budget and optimizing your website for Google then you can directly use the free Gooogle AdWords Keyword tool. Following are the three tactics that help to improve your keyword list. Strategy #1: Use keywords which you are already ranking for The best place to begin the search is by using the analytics tool. Find out the list of keywords that help people to find your website. Use this list to find more related keywords using the AdWords keywords tool. And while selecting the keywords for your business, just make sure the search volume is not less than 1000/ month. Strategy #2: Don’t assume any keywords Many people think that they know the best keywords for their businesses. And this is could be based on the assumptions on what they would use in search if they were the customer. You being the site owner might know on how to find the website using the search engines but customers may not because they may not be from the same industry. Any assumptions you have will therefore limit your keyword list and worst be completely wrong. You must do the keyword research! Strategy #3: Estimate your traffic levels When choosing the keywords for your site optimization or AdWords campaign, it would always be better to know how much traffic you could expect. With the help of the Google Traffic Estimator tool you can come to know how often your ad would be clicked on. Thus you can estimate the traffic for your website and moreover, this tool lets you know the average cost for the keyword, if suppose you wish to bid for it. In-depth analysis of the reports generated from Web analytics tools can tell you the average number visitors count is leading to a single sale. Upon this you can work out to make profits from a particular keyword. Research shows that people click on the organic search results up to three times more often than the paid for results. From this one you should understand that the organic listings are much better prospects for you to drive traffic than the AdWords. Creating a huge list of targeted keywords can be overwhelming but with time and implementing the tactics discussed above can turn beneficial for you.