The importance of long tail keywords and its impact on SERP

Keywords are the foundation on which the whole structure of SEO is based on. The users perform a search using keywords and search engines execute the algorithms based on these to display relevant results. Therefore, keyword research has got the utmost importance which defines your online success. Every online marketer wants to rank high on prominent search engines and thereby expecting targeted traffic. With the help of long tail keywords you can showcase the presence efficiently. Long tail keywords are phrases with more than three or four words that emphasize on product or services you offer. So it’s always better to focus on long tail keywords rather than concentrating only on generic keywords which are sometimes called as head terms. For Example: If the website in question is about Website Design then see the number of results Google display for different key phrases as follows: Search Query (Web Design) Search Engine Search Query (Web Design Company) Search Engine. Search Query (Web Design NYC) Search Engine.. From the above its understandable that the results displayed gets gradually reduced if keywords with long phrases are used and this means the competition is less when compared to head terms. Thereby there are higher chances of ranking for long tail keywords and better prospects to achieve targeted traffic. If you focus only on generic keywords it will take more time than you expected to rank for those specific keywords. And in the meanwhile, you may lose the traffic that you might have expected with these keywords. On the other hand, if you utilize the long tail keywords in due course, then the website will definitely rank for those head terms and also you can observe the improvement in traffic stats. The search behavior of the users has changed drastically and they have become more specific in finding the results for their queries with ease by using long tail keywords. Using long tail keywords will save time for those who perform a search and enable them to find absolute results. Hence, giving preference to long tail keywords over head terms for sure will display an increase in traffic and progressive trend in your analytic s reports and also drives to get visibility on search much earlier. If you wish to target the local traffic then keywords with long phrases with a local intent reduces the competition and increases the chances of ranking in SERPs as soon as the site gets indexed. But the whole challenge lies in choosing the right combination of words for your long tail keywords because those are the ones which help you in getting the targeted traffic. So be keen in choosing your long tail keywords by performing a thorough keyword Research.