Tips on how to start with Google Adwords

Until today the most popular pay-per-click advertising tool we know is Google AdWords. If you wish to build an online presence within a short period of time, PPC should be your first choice. However, for you to be successful you need to gain more from those clicks by converting them in to sales. PPC advertising can be cost effective if dealt properly. You need to focus on every part of your campaign so that you can improve upon ROI. As everyone may not get right for the first time, it needs some time to improvise their campaign over time. Following are the 5 tips that can help you started and gain the most from Google Adwords advertising budget. 1) Choosing the Keywords The most important part is the keyword selection in any online marketing campaign and so in PPC. Selecting good keywords for your campaign enables you to attract users who are interested in your products and services and later to become your customers. Google Adwords keyword tool can help you in selecting the best keywords for your campaign. However, do remember that the keywords with highest number of clicks may not always be good to target for. Just keep in mind that driving huge traffic to your site may not be your goal, instead selling more products should be the goal while running a PPC campaign. The campaign can be become successful only when it drives quality traffic to your website that has got the potential to turn those targeted visitors in to customers. It’s always better to manage your selected keywords in multiple ad groups of related phrases so that it can help you in tracking the performance in a systematic manner. Moreover, this can help you to include ad copy that is specific to each keyword. 2) How and Where To Target Your Ad’s It is advised to target the social network when starting a new AdWords campaign because all of your ads will be displayed on Google Search engine and its network of partner websites. Once you notice positive results from this campaign you can move ahead and choose advertising on Google’s display network too. These are the websites that publish Google AdSense ads. When compared the conversion rate of Google display network is low to Google social network. And for this reason the clicks from this network are attained for a lower CPC. Moreover, there are higher chances of fraudulent clicks too on your ads. On the other side the display network can be advantageous if your main objective is just building the brand rather than sales. It is very important to define the geographic locations as per the demand of your business only. If your services are limited to a particular region then advertising your brand outside that can cost you much without any results but only getting clicks which are of no use. 3) Study your competitors Your ads should stand out from your competitor. For this you need to plan and decide well in advance to appeal and attract your target audience so that they are lured to click on your ads. Low price tags and discounts always attract visitors but make sure your offer price is always less than your competitor. 4) Landing Pages Quality of the landing page matters to your users and even for Google. The new algorithm of Google reviews the quality of the landing page, so it becomes very important for you to please the users with the design and show them the relevant page which is for sure the right page related to the keyword used in your ad. It is most important for you to see that people are directed to the webpage they expect and not to the home page of your website. 5) Managing your budget Start your campaign with high daily budget by targeting small number of keywords so that you can monitor the account very closely. Moreover, you don’t want Google AdWords to limit your ads and are shown rarely due to insufficient budget. This will reduce the CTR, which could have a great impact on your Quality Score because you haven’t built up and history of your keyword list yet. You always need to ensure that you are bidding on the right keywords for your business in a cost effective way and track your conversions and ROI. Once you see a positive trend you can increase the budget and also keywords.