Trends and Benefits of Mobile Marketing

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking about Mobile Marketing trends over the few years. With the change in technology and user patterns, making accurate predictions of even the near future is more of a guessing game than a practical exercise. There is value in trying to predict where technology will end up and how people and companies will be using technology in the mobile marketing context.

Getting ahead of the competition, even if just a little, provides companies with a stronger position in the future. Taking a risk based on predictions and trends is a troubling proposition, but the benefits and potential payoffs are often too large to dismiss.


Predicting the future trend in mobile marketing will offer an advantage to those who are able to seize the opportunities now and set themselves up on the leading edge of those trends. Here are few mobile marketing trends for the future that will almost certainly come to pass.

One of the biggest trends in mobile marketing over the next decade has already started. Mobile advertising has been around for some time now and location specific advertisements are on the rise. But with the wave of smart phones and geo-targeted social media apps, the ability to deliver ads specifically targeted to a smart phone based on their location will improve. The GPS systems in smart phones will allow marketers to know where a user is in relation to the ads that they have to serve.

Users connecting with social media apps such as Foursquare are also on the rise. By checking in at specific locations, users are providing valuable information to where they are but also where they have been and go often. By utilizing this information, mobile ads can be targeted to people who have checked in at everything from the local shops and stores.

In near future, smart phones are not just be a method of communicating and gathering information, they will be the way many people use as a payment option for products and services. Currently there is a small market for people with their mobile device. However, in future that will change dramatically. It will become the way many people pay for purchases. This will revolutionize the way purchases are made and solidify the mobile device as the single most important item to carry.


Benefits of Mobile Marketing

  • Direct Subscriptions
  • Cost effective mobile marketing
  • Longer lasting customer relationships
  • Instant mobile marketing feedback
  • Tracking and order control

Mobile Media is becoming increasingly smaller by the minute and the only way to reach potential clients in future may very well be through mobile media and applications.