Web Design Blunders

The Internet has been open to the public for about 20 years. This means a lot of attempts at Web Design and development. It also means there have been a lot of sins committed during this time period. Changes in scripting language, browsers and personal taste have lead to a lot of bad decisions. There were a few that have continuously cropped up in the past.

web-design-mistake People Love Your Website:

It is easy for people to lose the main reason their website exists. One, it serves a purpose that solves or provides a service your customers need. Checking your site on a regular basis helps prevent issues from cropping up. Your visitors have needs and when it comes down to it you either satisfy those needs or you don’t. Misusing a website for marketing or promoting a brand can lead to negative results.


Ambiguity is a common issue with websites. It might be beautifully designed. Having tag lines or images that do not align with the product or service you are providing can confuse and infuriate visitors to your site.


Having different levels of hierarchy or contrast between different elements of your website is important. It helps ensure that the most important information is easy to distinguish. On a more mundane level text and background relationship is important when it comes to reading what is on your website.

Distracting Elements:

There are a lot of fancy design elements that can be added to websites. These can enhance or detract from the design and have a huge impact on usability. A website exists primarily to convert a visitor into a user or customer. Distracting pop-ups or irrelevant information can interrupt a potential customer from buying anything from your website. This can come in the form of broken links or lack of instructive text.

Relying Only on a Webpage:

Some individuals believe that they can survive without engaging in further marketing strategies. Forgetting to use social media, neglecting print and believe a website is your marketing strategy. It is only a part of a holistic strategy that should be developed. Know what information should be on your webpage and when to direct people to it is important as well.

Content Before Design:

Even poorly designed websites can gain a huge following. Websites that can provide unique and desirable content overcome almost all of the sins that were listed above.

This is just a short list that has been compiled. There are almost too many to count. However, the web has come a long way and there are many examples of beautifully crafted websites.