Web Design Mistrust & Sales

Trust has been a major factor in converting shoppers into customers. Mike Shultz illustrates several ways trust is built. Salesmen traditionally rely a few things to demonstrate competence, integrity and eventually create intimacy. These include expertise, consistency and being real and authentic. Your website is the first access point for your visitors. It has the power to convert customers or turn them away. Trusted Websites share many of the same factors that create sales in person.

  • Trusted Websites
  • Informative Content
  • Relevant Illustrations
  • Wide variety of topics covered
  • Unbiased information
  • Age-specific Information
  • Clear, simple language used
  • Discussion groups
  • Frequently asked questions

Web designer, Joseph Putnam found himself needing to research the importance of good web design when confronted by a client. He compiled a compelling list of reasons defending good web design. Some of the biggest revelations was the intersection of design and trust. Website elements that garnered distrust included:

  • Complex, busy layout
  • Boring web design (especially use of color)
  • Pop-up advertisements
  • Slow introductions to the website
  • Small print

The structure of your website can also effect the was SEO crawls for your website. Playing with new structures can cause search engines to dismiss your website altogether. Websites are also an extension of a company’s brand. Inconsistency can have a big impact on the perception of your brand. Just like with direct sales with a salesman people will be more willing to buy from a brand that they identify with and trust. Elements to pay close attention to in regards to converting customers:

  • Navigation: It is easy to navigate and accessible.
  • Wording: Wording used in calls-to-action have a direct impact on conversion rates
  • Color: Red, and bold is good for headlines, while navy helps build a feeling of trust when used in a call-to-action button.

QUESTION: What do you think the impacts trust and or a feeling of mistrust when you look at a website?