What is Open Market, Advantage of Open Market Vs Retail Branding?

Offline Marketing Vs Social Network Marketing: Having your own product and brand is exciting. Building an online retail store is a great inexpensive way to start your product and brand on the road to success. Build awareness of your brand through offline marketing is essential for any product marketing. But as a start of marketing, is better to do Social Network Marketing to create awareness, reduce cost and creating Effective Brand Building. Social Network Marketing is the best approach to create awareness at the beginning of a marketing campaign. It reduces cost and creates Effective Brand Building. But, while Tweets and Facebook posts can connect your brand with a lot of people, they do not necessarily put your product in front of those people at a crucial moment in time – when the urge to buy something is tickling their wallets and when they have itchy trigger fingers eager to punch in a credit card security code to complete the purchase and send your product on its journey into their lives. Tweets and Facebook posts can connect your brand with a lot of people That does not mean your product will reach those people at a crucial moment in time. Wevio Global Marketing Branding Through Marketplace: Marketplaces have evolved many times over and have found a new home online than retail stores at geographical locations, and they continue to be a wonderful resource to online retailers to get their offerings in front of the buying public. Marketplaces have continued to evolve and have found a new home online. This new form or marketplace has started to replace physical geographical locations. We certainly have heard of the two leaders in the online marketplace space – Amazon and eBay. Everyone like to like to list their products in these Marketplaces. But Even you are listing in these site you may lost the exposure of the products as these retail giants are, well, giant, your product may be getting lost in the shuffle and your exposure remains underdeveloped. You have certainly heard of the two online marketplace leaders, Amazon and eBay. Individuals like to list their products on these marketplaces.  Even though your product is listed on these websites your exposure will be limited. You will be competing with retail giants and your product might be getting lost in the shuffle. However we can find many other marketplaces where you can list you products to get additional exposure of products in the Global Market. Key advantages selling in Open Market: 1)      Creating New Branding & Infrastructure for Global Market 2)      Additional Exposure for your products other than offline Marketing 3)      Best way to analyze competitors and their strategy 4)      Less Initial Branding investment 5)      Connecting more Customers and building Customer base how-the-marketplace-works-blog Top 20 Market Places Other than Amazon & Ebay:

  • Sears.com – the famous retail giant offers an online marketplace where you can list your products for sale.
  • Buy.com – an expansive online marketplace that receives a lot of traffic.
  • Newegg.com – the second largest online only retailer in the U.S. now has its own marketplace.
  • Etsy.com – the largest online marketplace for handmade and vintage items.
  • Pricefalls.com – a Dutch auction site that offers a fixed-price marketplace as well.
  • Shoply.com – a free marketplace operating specifically with the small business owner in mind.
  • SOCexchange.com – a fixed fee of $10 a year allows access to list at this marketplace.
  • iOffer.com – a well-traveled commission based marketplace.
  • eCrater.com – a free marketplace that offers customizable online stores to retailers.
  • Bonanza.com – a sales commission based online marketplace with a social community theme.
  • Blujay.com – a free classified marketplace that allows for unlimited ad postings.
  • ArtFire.com – a free marketplace geared toward sellers of handmade products.
  • Wigix.com – a self-billed online catalog of products that has a marketplace for sellers.
  • Offeritem.com – a free marketplace that provides an online store and shopping cart to sellers.
  • Shophandmade.com – like the name suggests, a marketplace geared toward sellers of handmade items.
  • Zibbet.com – a fixed price marketplace for handmade goods, fine art, vintage items and crafting supplies.
  • 3tailer.com – a marketplace that seeks to connect vendors with buyers in niche markets.
  • Atomicmall.com – a marketplace that has both set price and auction options.
  • Sell.com – a marketplace organized in a classified ad format.
  • Xoole.com – a marketplace focusing on independent sellers.

Most of the Sellers & manufactures don’t have much knowledge on these market place & also done know how to utilize them in right away. We at Wevio Global Inc, we introduce your products to new global markets & help you to trade your products on behalf you. Wevio-Marketing-Open market