Global Medical Industry Overview:

The global medical industry is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, absorbing almost 10% of gross domestic product of most of developed and developing countries. It constitutes of broad services offered by various hospitals, physicians, laboratories, nursing homes, pharmacies and many more supported by pharmaceutical, medical equipment, chemicals, drugs manufacturers and suppliers.

The medical or health care industry is an aggregation and integration of sectors within the economic system that provides goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care. The modern health care industry is divided into many sectors and depends upon trained professionals. This medical industry also provides enormous employment opportunities to choose from. Apart from using the services of medical professional, this industry also utilizes the expert services of public policy workers and many more health insurance providers.
The United States of America has one of the largest medical and health care industries in the world followed by Switzerland and Germany. The USA industry comprises of 750,000 physicians and 5,200 hospitals. It has 3.8 million inpatients and 20 million outpatients visit on daily basis.

The Global medical industry has been highly fragmented, comprising of various ancillary sectors namely medical equipment and supplies, pharmaceutical and healthcare supplies and many more.

In the World, there are different medical industry associations having different goals and aspiration consisting of many aspirants, doctors, medical business experts and many more. One among them is from Korea. The Korea has named it has Korea medical industry association established in 1999 which is the largest trade association representing 750 different companies from home and abroad that manufacture, import, export and consult other medical devices This association will provide 80 % of medical devices available in Korean market.

There are different medical equipment and medicines all around the world which most of the small and mid-scale industries does not even have any idea. To get closer to all the level of different medical organizations, one of the most premier hospital in world has organized an expo event called as “medical”. This Medicall is India’s premier hospitals needs and equipment exposition and the biggest of its kind. It was started with an idea of promoting entrepreneurship amongst the medical fraternity.

Medical equipment’s and hospitals needs companies all around from the world exhibit and showcase their products, services at this expo. Brainstorm Medicall organizes conferences at Medicall inviting experts from around the world. Medicall’s Innovation awards are the most popular innovation awards in the healthcare industry. Medicall encourages inventions and innovations of first generation scientist and entrepreneurs by recognizing and rewarding them.
This medical Expo is conducted twice in India i.e.,

  • On 28th,29th,30th July 2017 in Chennai
  • On 06th, 07th,08th oct 2017 in Mumbai

Korea Medical Industry:
In Korea, there are different medical industries which produce different equipment in different medical sectors, In, 2014 Korea’s medical device market scale was approximately 3.8 billion euros showing annual growth record of 11.3 %. Furthermore, Korea has core technologies in digital X-Ray and ultrasound diagnostic units. This Ultrasound equipment has been ranked #1 in obstetrics and gynecology market. Due to this growth in medical device sector, The Korean government is trying to strategically support the medical device industry by focusing on several important sectors which have the potential to lead the global market. It mainly focused on

  • Wearable devices and mobile medical application
  • 3D printing in Bio sector
  • Surgical Robot.
  • Bio-nanotechnology.
  • Nano-Biotechnology for virus measurement and detection

Korean medical ministry such as ministries of Science, ICT, Future Planning, Ministry of trade, Industry and energy, ministry of health and welfare, and ministry of food and drugs have jointly announced the strategy of “nurturing the future industry of bio-health”. The Korean government has invested approximately 250 million euros to develop bio pharmaceuticals industry and medical devices and soon.

Wevio took initiative to exchange business between India and Korea in medical Industry. Wevio created a platform with partnership of major medical devices expo organizers and associations for Korea companies to participate in prestigious and largest B2B medical equipment exhibition in India.

Wevio has helped over 3000+ companies to achieve many of their goals in global business activities. Based on doing business with government and agencies from many countries, we possess a high level of understanding government projects and understanding agencies process of working and its activities. Wevio can provide customized solutions for the business environment of companies, agencies, and government. Wevio has been rated highly by government, agencies, customers in relation to superior planning and business promotion.

One of the major industry that wevio is handling is pharmaceutical and medical device industry. This is to promote global market and sales. In addition, Wevio is working with various companies, industry associations to establish corporate relationships, enhance R&D support, and IP commercialization.

The services offered by wevio are:

  • Global market research and analysis
  • Product analysis and feasibility Study.
  • Business to government leasing.
  • Global Creative services.
  • B2B Meetings
  • Buyer Research & Business Delegations
  • Global Marketing Infrastructure
  • Medical Devices Sales and Distribution
  • Medical Devices Patents, Trademarks, copyright registrations
  • Medical Regulations and Licensing Services

And many more.

Finally, In this medical Expo about 95.06 % of medical industry is going to participate to exhibit different medical devices. About 81% of visitors gave feedback as it is so useful for them. There is a gradual increase in number of companies taking part in this expo. This expo will help us to know about latest medical equipment which are invented all around the different parts of world. By this expo we can have a look over various types of equipment such as sterilizers, hospital beds and facilities, patient monitoring systems, consumables, HVAC and medical gas, surgical instruments and many more. So Make use of this opportunity and be a member of promoting and let the world know about new inventions and technological medical equipment. Hope this would be a grand success.