Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

Industry OverviewLargest sector - both in terms of revenue and employment

A major industry that Wevio is working on is the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. This is to promote global market entry and sales. In addition, Wevio is working with various companies, industry associations to establish corporate relationships, enhance R&D support and IP (Intellectual Property) commercialization.


Global medical devices industry is booming from couple of years. However the medical industry has faced revenue and profitability challenges in global markets.In order to stay profitable and competitive, medical device manufacturers need to address the key challenges as below.

  • Increased overhead clinical and regulatory standards
  • Increasing R&D expenses
  • Increased complexity of medical equipment/devices
  • Reductions in reimbursements
  • Increased competition
  • More demanding and diverse customer base

Keys Initiatives Required for Global Markets

Global medical devices companies to keep focus on following to overcome the global business challenges.

  • Reliability, safety, security, quality control
  • Identifying market and source of demands
  • Evolving regulations on the security, privacy, reliability and safety of medical devices
  • Adapting to a rapidly changing market landscape
  • Distribution and sales networking
  • Service is the key for any medical device


The Medical industry is one of the major industry focused to promote global market entry & sales. Wevio works with various medical industry associations to help companies to expand their business in emerging emerging markets. Wevio partnering with various industry specialist to over come the global marketing challenges in banding, marketing, sales and distribution of medial devices.


  • Global Market Research & Analysis
  • Product Analysis and Feasibility Study
  • Joint R&D Consulting
  • R&D Commercialization
  • IP, Trademark & Copyright Registration & Protection
  • Global Tradeshow and Delegation Development
  • Global Investment Consulting
  • Global Business Networking
  • Global Business Consulting with related sectors of Bio
  • Merger & Acquisition Consulting
  • IP Commercialization
  • Business to Government Liaising
  • Technology Partnership Execution
  • Joint Venture Projects between countries
  • B2B, B2C Promotions and Sales
  • Legal and Advisory Services
  • Offline and Online Marketing Services
  • Global Creative Services
  • Global Market Entry & New Product Launch
  • Technology Transfer or license


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