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Industry OverviewA dynamic industry which need market research reports, statistics, information on import and export, trade bodies and trade news ...etc.

The world retailing industry is becoming increasingly competitive, forcing companies to take an innovative approach to attract consumers and encourage long-term loyalty to the customers. Department stores, for example, are increasing consumer footfalls by replacing more expensive brand-name products with less expensive private-label products. There are many market segments that are fueling the growth of this industry. The convenience store industry and the global e-commerce industry are all expected to grow significantly in the next few years especially in emerging markets such as Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.


The wholesale distribution industry looks much as it did in previous decades. Distributors are focused on improving profitability, expanding their margins, and outmaneuvering the competition. However, new technologies, changing market dynamics, and increasingly demanding customers have fundamentally
reshaped the way today’s distributors do business.

  • Improving the understanding of customer profitability
  • A more consolidated and competitive market
  • Expansion into online channels
  • Dramatic increases in speed of sales
  • Analytics to be able to react faster to market changes
  • Complex wholesale relationships and legal issues
  • Overseas product regulations, IP and patent issues
  • New market entry strategy
  • Building effective branding for products
  • Order processing, shipping and logistics as per import regulations of buyer’s country.


Wevio has helped more than 3000 clients with global marketing and product sales right from the branding stage to online sales and distribution.

In addition to offline marketing services, Wevio provides online marketing, branding, market entry strategy and planning, global delegations, tradeshows and events participation on behalf of clients, building wholesale and retail distribution networks.

Wevio strives to help customers to find the right wholesale buyers and help the sellers or manufactures to overcome the overseas market problems and issues by guiding and execute their marketing and sales process in the right track.


  • Global Market Research & Analysis
  • Global Market Trends and Feasibility Study
  • B2B, B2C Promotions and Sales
  • Global Online Content Planning, Design and Development
  • Offline and Online Marketing Services
  • Global Market Entry & New Product Launch
  • Global Trade shows and Delegation Development
  • Trade and Distribution
  • Global Business Networking
  • Regulatory & Import Licensing
  • Global Standardization & Certification
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Legal and Advisory Services
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