Telangana Investment Forum in Seoul to inviting Korean Investors to the State

On the visit of Mr. K. Taraka Rama Rao, The Honorable Minister of Telangana, to the Investment Opportunity Forum with Telangana organised jointly with the central government and the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ICCK).

It is glad to meet him ad discuss our agenda’s. The Honorable Minister of Telangana was very excited and interested in making business relationships and investments jointly with Korean Central Government and ICCK and offers to build Korean industry park with state-held land in trilateral partnership mode with Korea specific facilities.

The Honorable Minister had some good discussions with Mr. Calvin Yi, CEO of Wevio Global Inc, about how Telangana creating platform for Korean companies to develop business in Telangana. Calvin Yi had proposed different platforms where companies can do business comfortably for global business success. Mr. Yi proposed various projects in medial, automotive and renewable energy sector though relationship of Telangana and various province governments in Korea with mutual exchanges of interests and benefits. And, Rama Rao had also come out with best policies which has given the investors right to time-bound clearances for the proposals.

Thus, the meeting was done quite well and looking forward for the right time to setup a platform with enough investments.

Wevio as global business development partner and Investment gateway Korean companies can partner with Telangana state government, to bridge and strengthen Indo-Korea Business. Both Mr. Calvin Yi and Mr. K. Taraka Rama Rao agreed to enhance the relation with definitive and strategic