Tools to Schedule Automatic Posting

Tools to Schedule Automatic Posting

Posting an article or a post at a specific time has become very necessary. People want to schedule the posting of their posts so that their posts can automatically get posted. Now people can schedule automatic posting, this is a very useful tool for one and all. Using these types of tools, one can do all the creation of content and forget about the posting. These tools have enabled people to save a lot of time and have automated the process. All you need to do is create creative content and schedule it for automatic posting. In this article, I am going to tell you about some of these tools which can come handy at times.

Here is a list of five such tools with their features:


#1 HootSuite

This is one of the most popular tools for social media management. You can surely use this tool to schedule automatic posting. This tool enables us to manage different types of social media accounts from one web based application. HootSuite is a user-friendly and free web application and it serves its premium services at a cost. It offers a wide array of services at low cost such as managing unlimited social media profiles, enhanced analytics.

#2 Buffer

Buffer is also a tool which can help you schedule automatic posting. It is a great tool to schedule your automatic posting and keeping a track of your posts. It is very user-friendly and free. Buffer provides a feature to manage various social media platforms and schedule automatic posting.


This tool is not exactly for schedule automatic posting but it is a very powerful tool to go along with Buffer and HootSuite. This tool enables you to schedule an integrated automatic posting such as Tweeting every time when you post something on Facebook. This is a very helpful tool in making your management easy.

#4 SocialOomph

A tool which not only enables you to schedule your post but also helps in various other things. This tool also provides free services and some premium services at a cost. This tool is a web based application which enables you to handle various social media accounts. SocialOomph helps you to integrate various social media accounts. It helps you to keep track of the activities in your account. It helps you to give options like DM-cleanup, auto tweet, auto retweet etc.

#5 EveryPost

EverpyPost is a very useful tool to manage your social media accounts intelligently. It helps you to schedule automatic posting and helps you with a host of other services for free as well for a fee. EveryPost provides a user-friendly interface with a lot of features.

A final piece of advice, do not choose one of these on the basis of features rather try the out those features and choose the best. It is imperative to use the tool which best suits your needs and your social media platforms. My personal favorite is EveryPost because it is easy to use and provides all the services at a lower cost.