Why It Is Necessary

Differentiated strategic identity is essential in order to be competitive in the market, and it is particularly important for small and medium sized companies or venture companies that are not yet well known. The image of a company’s product, the brand design, is an important element to ensure the company is able to improve its reputation. Establishing a memorable experience for the customer’s product regarding brand design can be a strong strategic advantage.

Example of a strong brand identity

Coca-Cola localized their brand name in China with a name of similar pronunciation:
‘Cu cu o – cu ler’ (可口可樂)
The name also carried the significant meaning, “Happy due to suiting my taste”.
The meaning corresponds with their brand ideals of ‘Happiness’ and ‘a fun life’.

Company/Brand Identity Supplied by Wevio

Wevio will supply a complete brand identity beginning with naming and design, and moving on to actual applications of the brand.

Brand Identity

Brand identity which includes your company’s characteristics and future vision

Naming and Design

Naming and design based on your company’s identity


Suggest brand roadmap and application for building brand authority and enhancing value

Brand Identity

As a unique association with a brand, Wevio will establish a brand identity that is a commitment to the customer with significance through distinctive concepts relating to the brand. A proper brand and vision will be crafted after learning about your company’s goals, thorough interview, brainstorming, property analysis, workshops, etc.

Naming and Design

We visually design a company’s name which can represent the company’s product or service and should be memorable and recognized easily by the customer. The unique name of the company needs to be easily differentiated and identified with the superior quality of the product or service.

Wevio Naming

Wevio CI Design

Roadmap / Application

An application plan is prepared towards creating the brand. This can show the company’s identity and the concept of the brand, and after reviewing specifications and seeing the functionality, it will bring about a marketing effect. Wevio develops brand applications to give a unique impression of the brand to the customer. In addition, the expectation for securing the brand rights will reinforce the brand’s reputation.

Wevio Application of a Trademark

Wevio Brand Application


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