Hosting & Maintenance

Why It Is Necessary

After the creation of a website, many companies end up having connection or access errors due to neglecting or mismanaging their website (which is the face of their company) on a long-term basis. Websites need to be consistently managed to ensure reliability through dedicated management hosting and a maintenance plan must be prepared to manage the website.

Site connection error by lack of long-term server management

Wevio Hosting & Maintenance Service

Wevio operates a server and data center which is used to supply stable hosting services with real-time analysis to prevent any errors. In addition, the website produced is based on WordPress (top content management system) and is maintained by regular updates which will ensure the website is always secure and up-to-date.

Concentrated Management Unlimited Hosting

Managed traffic and error correction based on the data server handled directly by Wevio.

Phased Maintenance

The website is labeled by Levels 1-3.Wevio supplies services as per customer request.

Concentrated Management & Unlimited Hosting

Websites can be maintained safely and continuously through Wevio’s data hosting center. Wevio supplies unlimited storage, traffic capacity, databases and management support if the server goes down. In addition, there is round the clock monitoring for any errors that may occur.

Comparison of Wevio Hosting vs Competitor Hosting (March, 2016)

Phased Maintenance

Wevio supplies maintenance services to meet customer request, and the process is classified into three levels. Even if the website was not made by Wevio, maintenance service can be supplied, so that you can manage your website without concern.

Level 1

Insert/Change images, proofread text, amend and delete

Level 2

Level 1 + Researching images, inserting multimedia, DB construction

Level 3

Level 2 + Add menus, plug-ins, add specified functions,education

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