Market Research & Analysis

Globally, successful businesses should have wide and extensive knowledge of their customers, clients and competitors.

Market research is the process that enables information gathering which will in turn make you aware of the “pulse” of your customers and how well they react to your business products and services.

Wevio’s overseas market advisory services are designed to help clients with planning, research, and strategy. Whether it is product strategy, marketing strategy, messaging and positioning strategy, or even just vision casting, Wevio’s talented staff will embed themselves in the process and engage with company decision makers to help them identify targeted market opportunities and challenges, see market trends in a broad scale, and think strategically about their product portfolio and technology integrations.

  • Globally, successful businesses have wide and extensive knowledge of their customers, clients and competitors.
  • As a Business owner, you are directly or indirectly conducting market research when you talk to your potential customers about your business and check out the prices of your competitors. Though you are aware of the people’s choices, you conduct market research all the time to know the plethora of things associated with it.
  • By deciding to arrange the collected information and arranging it accordingly is the process of market research that can produce a wealth of information about your products and services, your customers and the overall marketplace you operate in.
  • A well-defined market research analysis covers a broad spectrum of activities and carries a high level of complexity regarding consumer markets.
  • Market analysis and research helps in estimating the size of the particular market you can serve.
  • It also helps in getting clarity on your customer requirements.
  • Market research is key to creating an effective marketing plan to target customers effectively.
  • Market research helps you to identify opportunities in the marketplace.


Wevio works with global market research leaders from different geolocations in order to get access to specific the research data from various Industries

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Target Market Research
  • Market Trends
  • Market Segmentation
  • Geographic & Demographic Buyers Database Search
  • Brand Identity Research
  • Price Analysis Research
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • SWOT Analysis Report
  • Capability Assessment
  • Marketing Plans
  • Distributers Research


Why Wevio?

Wevio, working with global partners in various countries and indifferent industries, provide the best market research for customer across the entire cycle, from the stage of product analysis to customer satisfaction analysis.

  • Wevio has experience in various industries such as Automobile, Medical, Shipbuilding, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Wholesale &Retail, etc.
  • Wevio works with market researchers and research institutes from various countries as partners to bring the right information to clients, as well as industry associations to break through any cultural barriers while observing industry needs.
  • The role is not specific to market research for clients, and is instead part of an overall approach to global business development.
  • Trading, Import and export services are also a part of the business development services for clients. Wevio delivers the right mix of value at just the time you need.
Wevio is a Global Strategy Consulting Firm
  • Dedicated focus on growth and how new product launches contribute to growth.
  • Track record of successful new product launch consulting projects over 18 years.
Deep Expertise in Consulting and Research
  • Industry expertise supported by an international pool of functional experts
  • Best-in-class consulting methodologies proven to be effective through experience in multiple new product launch projects
Offering Both Global and Local Perspectives
  • International organisation with 3 offices across all key regional markets and networking with 150 global partners and 15 countries
  • Strong understanding of the local issues which underpin the success of new product launch strategies and roll-out
  • Served over 3000 customer for offline and online sales
Wevio’s Synergy is Across Multiple Sectors and Markets
  • Experience gained across a complete range of industries and services used to advantage in product launch projects
  • Capability to identify new product launch opportunities across different industries and markets

Clients & Partners

Wevio has a large cliente ranging from small scale industries to multinational companies.

Wevio is diverse in various industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Shipbuilding
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices
  • Wholesale & Retail
  • Renewable Energy
  • ICT (Information & Communications Technology)
  • Telecommunications
  • Chemical
  • Biotechnology
  • Machinery
Wevio’s partners are from:

  • Government Bodies
  • Industry Specific Research Organizations
  • Dealers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • B2B Portal Service Providers
  • Country Specific Retailers
  • Individual Companies
  • Tender Bidding Companies
  • Biosciences Laboratories
  • Universities
  • Engineering & Technology Holding Companies
  • R&D Centers, Manufactures

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