Patents, Trademark & Copyright Registration


Protecting your company’s innovations and technology.
Wevio works with partners for patent services and are experts in providing these high value services to clients to improve their business.
  • A leading enterprise offering competent, economic and customized Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) services. Wevio’s core values: Integrity, Quality and Accountability.
  • Experience in different fields and industries has resulted in a diversified, growing and professionally managed IPR firm.
  • Wevio endeavors to make your business more competitive while achieving mutual success.
  • Focused in aggressively implementing a strategic plan of expanding and diversifying your niche with sophisticated services into diverse geographic markets.


  • The Vision of Wevio is simple – to be a global firm handling every legal need of clients wherever they operate from.
  • Wevio aspires to be the top most admired firms by clients.
  • Providing a one stop solution for
    • Patents process
    • IP commercialization
    • Global Business Development

Services Offered

Patent Search Services

  • Patent Analytics
  • Patentability Search
  • Patent Validation Search
  • Patent Infringement Search
  • Freedom-to-Operate Search
  • Patent Watch
  • Patent Landscaping
  • Patent Due Diligence
  • Citation Analysis
  • Evidence of Use Analysis
  • Chemical Structure Searches

Patent Prosecution

  • Patent Specification Drafting
  • Response To Office Action
  • Patent Proofreading
  • IP Recordal & Data Verification
  • Remote Docketing Services
  • File History Analysis

Illustration Services

  • Patent Illustrations
  • Trademark Designs
  • International Compliance
  • Color Drawings & Photo Retouching

Trademark Services

  • Logo Designing
  • Search
  • Filing
  • Post Application & Registration
  • Renewal
  • Domestic & International Portfolio

Startup Services

  • Various services required for a startup right from the incorporation stage.


Wevio has dedicated partners for taking care of your Intellectual Property Protection, Trademark and Copyright Registrations needs.

Wevio’s Processes and Expertise Includes:

  • Identify Research & Development Companies, Universities & Organizations
  • Technology Innovation Evolution & Assessment
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection processes such as Patents and Rights
  • Marketing Technology Innovations to the potential partner companies who need Technology Transfers
  • Licensing In and Outs
  • TT and Transactions
  • Infrastructure
  • Promoting Technology Transfer and Commercialization

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