Product Package Design

Why It Is Necessary

Product design is essential not only be attractive, but also for making the experience memorable. Packaging design is considered to be the final step of the customer’s product evaluation process. The packaging design is also often called a silent sales person, which is why Wevio considers the product and packaging design at same time.

2015 Company demand analysis – Technical support (Jeonnam)

Excellent case of product and packaging design

Wevio Product/Packaging Design

The product and packaging design is one of core methods to communicate with buyers directly, and it is essential when it comes to purchasing and branding. Wevio supplies designs that can create more value and improve sales performance and brand image.


Brand Identity which includes your product’s characteristics, value and future vision


Design based on the product’s unique identity


Shooting photographs of the product and retouching to emphasize product specifications

Product Design

Wevio not only considers the product design, but also the entire process and will support you from A to Z. This includes everything from brainstorming, sketching, research and testing, planning and production of prototypes for trial products, to the actual production phase.



Rendering/ Prototyping


Packaging Design

Packaging design is not merely a decoration and is actually a means of communication. The customer remembers the package as a “Brand”, which is why CI design and packaging design are considered together. Wevio pursues packaging design consistent with the brand and product for showcasing the unique “brand voice”.


Designs packaging that will protect the product and is eye-catching

Carrier Bag

Called walking billboards, designs showing company and product logo will further promote the brand


Designs label, mark, tag, etc for each size and use


The product or service is expressed visually through photography for the production of websites and promotion materials. Specialized photographers will shoot in high-tech facilities using the latest equipment to ensure high quality pictures. After the photo shoot, there is a touchup process for keeping the focus on the product and then Wevio will supply the final product.


Product/Packing Design

Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot

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