Regulatory & Import Licensing Services

Importance of Regulatory ServicesThere are many factors that are directly and indirectly affecting global business development, trade and distribution.

The procedure for import trade differs from country to country depending upon the import policy, statutory requirements and customs policies of each country. For global trading and distribution, a company must meet certain requirements of the import country’s regulatory authority such as:

  • Foreign Trade Policies
  • Global Standardization and Certifications
  • Import Regulations and Approval from the Import Country’s Government Agencies
  • Procurement of Import Licenses

Due to drastic technology changes, regulatory committees relating to technology are unable to keep up with the updates, which invariably leads to rejection of more products.

The practice of Trade and Distribution helps clients globally to optimize the distribution of their work and products strategically with channel partners. Effective distribution here refers to getting the right products at the right times, to the right places. It also means capturing useful insights from the plethora of channel data that are available and building effective working relationships with the right channel partners and moving products profitably and smoothly. It is a matter of distribution for in-line or pre-launch products in specialty pharma, retail and many other industries.


  • Our vision is global business development for clients.
  • Clients can focus on core business planning, design, development, without worrying about global marketing needs.
  • Wevio, when combined with existing partnerships, has specialists with specific skill sets including regulatory expertise and the ability to communicate and coordinate effectively with the regulatory bodies to achieve the very best outcome for clients.


Wevio works with global partners to simplify the process of doing business, taking care of the end-of-end business needs for global trading and distribution. This level of understanding at a global level adds value to your product registrations, with advisement and guidance with respect to other markets to boost presence at a national and international level.

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