5 Keyword Research Tools For Video, Images, News, Mobile and Social Media Optimization

Of late, search engine optimization is all about the optimization of advanced and well-geared websites. These websites contain different types of content like video, image, news and social media. The web browsing has also moved on to the mobile phones as well. So, it is important that the new age web content be optimized with the right keywords. For this, good keyword research tools are required. We will now see which tools effectively help in getting good keywords for websites with videos, images and news as well. We will also focus on mobile and social media optimization. So, let’s begin right away. The first kind of new optimization is that of videos. For video SEO in your website, you would need a tool which gives your website videos adequate coverage. Your website videos will be scanned by the search engine detectors. These would then index the thumbnails of the videos on the search engine result pages. For images in your website, you can use a tool like Google Insights for Search. It would give you information about the latest trends and requests for images. Thus, you will be able to optimize your website’s images suitably. Soon, the images and their URLs will be there on Google and Bing databases. If your website contains some important news about a recently popular topic, you can further optimize it. You can get a lot of data about the news reports and updates that may become trending topics. Trending topics on social networking websites lead to a better flow of traffic of people to your website. So, you can use tools which will give you a good idea about the keywords, right format and other aspects of your website pages. With these, you will be fully able to optimize the news content on your website. So, your website will also be indexed for the query for that news. There has been enough talk about how people are moving away from computers to cellphones and smartphones. You should use applications, which will aid you in designing and formatting the websites for mobile phone users. You will learn how to make the videos and images suitable for viewing on mobile devices. Social media optimization is also important. You should use devices, which help you to build a better social network with people. This can be achieved by any social media optimization device like Technorati and socialmention.