Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Affiliate Marketing Platforms
Affiliate Marketing Platforms

What are those Affiliate Marketing Platforms?

Affiliate marketing is a very wide field where you can start helping companies sell their products via your blog, your channel or simply over social media. But there comes a twist in affiliate marketing as not always all platforms work for different products. Thus, it is important to take a note as to which affiliate marketing platform you should opt for affiliate marketing or should you do it on all the affiliate marketing platforms. In this article, I will tell you what are the best affiliate marketing ideas and which platform you should start with.

Affiliate marketing being so wide subject that I would like to break it into three platforms, one website, two, video channel and three, social media platforms. This article will enable you to understand which platform is good and which is not. Let us begin with affiliate marketing ideas.

#1 Blogs and Websites

Affiliate marketing was not quite possible without a blog or a website and it still prevails to some extent. People having good blogs and websites could interact with the people and understand them and it still prevails. I certainly know and can put some weight on the importance of a blog. Even though social media and YouTube is taking over the Google and search engines there remains still some room for blogs and websites. That room is of high quality as people tend to buy mostly after reading a review. Hence, blog platforms like WordPress, Blogger etc. are a good place to start. Affiliate marketing becomes easier when you have a full fledged information to share with the prospect. So, this was one of the three platforms where you can start your affiliate marketing.

#2 Video Channel

Affiliate marketing is gaining good attention by YouTubers because people get a perfect way to demonstrate the product. People review the products in their videos and some people are so successful that they have become millionaires. YouTube is one of the best ways where you can upload a review product and make money out of it. Making videos on a product and then helping companies sell it is now in trend. There are a number of YouTubers who are into AdSense plus Amazon associate program this way they are making money by two means. So, gaining popularity and having your content in place is one thing that you want to do when working on this platform.

#3 Social Media

Social media is making to one of the best platforms to do affiliate marketing. That is because it has so many focused buyers on it, Facebook is one and Instagram is another. People are so much looking forward to buying things at all times and these platforms trigger their desires. Ads popping up in front of them with good features, though the conversion rate is not always as high as YouTube has but this is one of the niche platforms. You can easily set an account on Facebook and create a platform to release your daily posts about a product. Mention the link to redirect them to Amazon or whichever affiliation program you are working with.

A blend of all these three is a clever idea but with limited products and not with a list as you might not be able to create that interesting content for all of your products than you would be able to do with a few products.