Critical SEO Errors to Avoid for an E-Commerce Website

When it comes to the development of an e-commerce website, the main thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the developers needs to take care of basic guidelines which avoid horrible mistakes that will negate all their hard work. It is essential to follow some general tips and guidelines in order to avoid these errors and ensure that their websites fulfill their objectives in a perfectly and flawlessly.

There are many possible errors. Today we will only discuss a few critical errors that need to be considered when building an online store or an e-commerce website.

common seo mistakes

Unique Titles:

It’s difficult to create unique titles when you sell multiple items from the same brand or similar items from different brands. You should certainly repeat the same keywords over and over again. In such case, you can make your own unique keyword along with the brand name or any suffixes to the main keywords.

Search engines are aware of this occurrence and will also list your products for all your main keywords too. Generally, online shoppers don’t search for the product with a single word keyword. So, it’s good for you to use long tail keywords along with the brand, model, item type or year etc.

Product Descriptions:

Lack of product descriptions can create confusion for the user. The complete lack of the text description of the product virtually puts an end to the chances of the page being in the search results, even in the case of low search volume keywords.

Of course, a picture speaks a thousand words but most of the search engines can’t read pictures. So, to get your website at the top of the search results for certain targeted keywords, be sure to write descriptive content about the product.

Also, write unique content in a simple way so that the customer can make a buying decision. Don’t copy content from other stores, it may cause your website to be penalized by the major search engines. A unique and descriptive content will always help your customer understand the product and make the decision.

Lack of Product Images:

Most of the customers who intended to buy the product online will do their research online before making the decision. Also, as they can’t see the product directly, they depends upon the images of the product. Make sure to upload multiple images of the product in different angles which helps the buyer to see the product and buy it instantly.

Also, optimizing these images will also help in attracting traffic from image search engines. Each of these product images should be named with unique keyword so you can cover major keywords in a niche market.

Unique and keyword friendly URL’s:

Make sure to create an URL for your product with the targeted keyword. Inserting the main keyword in the URL will help search engines identify the keyword easily and helps your site rank in the top search results for that keyword.

Lack of Product Reviews:

According to the surveys, almost 70% of online buyers are looking for reviews about products on websites or online forums before making a decision. Which means, if your store don’t have such reviews, you’re missing a very large percentage of the audience.

Also, it’s easier to land at the top of search results with these review pages.

Finally, Backlinks to the website will always help you reach the top of the search results. Make sure to get some good backlinks from unique and quality website and also be sure to link back to these quality website which are relate to your products and gives more information or ideas about the product.

Did we missed anything? Please share your thoughts and suggestions about common SEO Errors to Avoid for an E-Commerce Website in the comments section.