How To Get Endorsements On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is thus far the best place for a working professional to either look for a job or to hire for a job, hence, there are a number of people who today exist on LinkedIn. Even better is to have the chances of getting hired increased by getting endorsements for the skills that you are good at. Getting endorsements is something very hideous and people tend to long for getting an endorsement for the skill they are good at but not now onwards because today I will tell you how to get endorsed easily without having any trouble.

Add Skills Most Relevant to You

Be sure to add skills that are most relevant to you so that you get recognized for what you really are good. You don’t want to be famous for what you can’t do properly and end up having an interview for a job you don’t like. People would hesitate to endorse you for the skills that they have never witnessed you working on. Adding skills is the first step towards the endorsements.

Move the Endorsement Section on the Top of Your Profile

The second thing you want to do is to get your endorsement section visible to the audience that visits your profile. Until and unless your skills section is not in a place where the visitor can see it the first thing on your profile then how can we even expect to have people endorse our skills.

Grow Your Network

You need to have a huge network if you want good number of endorsements and to increase your network you need to get searching for the people that you might know and send them a request with a message telling how you know him and wishing him a good day.


Endorse Other People

People want to get endorsed just as you want and they would be obliged to have this kind of gesture and will most probably return the favor by endorsing you for some skills. This is a kind of mutual understanding where people exchange views in terms of endorsements.

Include a Call Action in Your Profile

It is never too bad to add a message for the people asking for endorsing your skills. You need add a message like “It would be much appreciated if you endorse my skills” and this is the best way to get your audience to endorse your skills.

Update Your Status Frequently

This helps you in two ways, one, it will keep your contacts updated as to what you are up to and two, it will keep popping on your contacts profile and will keep reminding them that you exist on LinkedIn. This will also help the LinkedIn Search Engine to optimize your account and help people find you easily.

For the final remarks, I would like to reiterate the fact that people can help you achieve whatever you want just you need to network nicely and strongly to get recognized along the way.