Global Social Network User Statistics 2017

Do you use internet? Nevermind, of course you do! You might probably be an active user of social media too, right?

Social network user statistics have increased like anything over the last decade. It has increased so much that it has now become more like a whole another world in itself. It is so well established that there are now top five social networks. There are differences in the level of their usage across different countries. Social Network User Statistics are important to Social media marketers to plan out their Marketing Strategies.

So, you can find out some social network user statistics that can help you with planning out your marketing strategy too.

  • 75% of male Internet users are active users of Facebook, whereas 83% of female Internet users hold active account on Facebook.
  • Female Internet users who use Instagram are 38%, as compared to 26% male counterparts on Instagram.
  • 32% of the people in teenage group find Instagram to be one of the most important social networks.
  • 81% of the millennials check out Twitter once per day, if not more.
  • There are greater than 450 million profiles on LinkedIn itself.
  • Snapchat makes up 41% of 18 to 35 year old population in United State.
  • 69% of adults use atleast one of the many available social networks.


Here are other useful Social Network Statistics 2017 that will help you see a clear picture of the present scenario.


  • 68% people of the total population of the United State, are on Facebook.
  • Facebook is the most widely used social media platform, having as much as 79% of the American Internet users.
  • More than 65 million businesses have a business page on Facebook (Okay.. a perfect example of the power of social media marketing).
  • Facebook alone accounts for one in six minutes spent online.
  • Over two million advertisers use Facebook as a platform to market their business on a regular basis. (Social media marketing once again!)



  • Pinterest makes your best partner if you want to target women between the age group of 18-50.
  • 87% of the pinners have made purchase of atleast one product due to Pinterest.
  • 93% of Pinners plan to make a future purchase by Pinterest.
  • 25% of the pinners use the website daily, and 31% use it once a week atleast.
  • Approximately 5% of the referral traffic coming to different websites, hails from Pinterest.



  • On mobile phones alone, YouTube reaches over 18-49 year olds than any other cable network in United State.
  • Only 10,000 YouTube Videos have given rise to more than a billion views.
  • More than half of the YouTube Videos watched, are seen on mobile phones.
  • 70% traffic coming to YouTube is from mobile phones only.
  • Approximately four hundred hours of new videos are uploaded on YouTube, every minute.



  • Out of 10% users, 51% users access it daily and 35% of the total check it out several times a Day.
  • As per the reports of 2017, Instagram stories are used by over 200 million people every day (huge.. right?)
  • 8 million registered businesses use Instagram business profiles.



  • An average LinkedIn user gives in 17 minutes on the site every month
  • Over a billion if LinkedIn users have published long contents with 160,000 long- form posts published every week.
  • 49% college graduates do make use of LinkedIn.
  • 18% of the total (100%) use LinkedIn daily, and 31% use it once a week.
  • Every 1 second, two new members join LinkedIn.



  • More than 400 million snaps are shared on the site every day.
  • 85% daily users are between 18-34 years of age
  • 80% of the users, use the app at a restaurant.
  • About 70% of Snapchat users are female.


These Social Network Statistics clear one thing very efficiently, that the social media is no more a mere means to enjoy or pass your free time, rather a whole of a world and a vast market to be taken a share of.