How Google Analytics helps in doing Email Marketing better

Not only Google Analytics is free but also offers an in-depth analysis on the behavior of users such as how they reach your website and where they go afterwards. Eager to know how Google Analytics can help your email campaigns in a better way? Then add Google Analytics to the mix and here are the four things the tool tells you about email marketing. What’s In A Subject Line? We all know that the subject line plays a vital role in email marketing, and if your subject line doesn’t appeal the users there are nil chances of your email getting opened. It’s as simple as that. With the help of Google Analytics you can track which subject lines have got the attention of the user and forced them to open it. And with the help of A/B testing you can drill down all your email campaigns by segments and see which subject lines worked best and which didn’t. Once you have the data it’s very simple; ignore the ones which didn’t work and focus on those that worked for you. Where In The World Are Your Subscribers? Every business owner dreams to expand his business for better prospects. So, let’s say you wish to expand in to the global market, specifically targeting consumers in South America. Google Analytics can help you track people who opened your emails are located, thereby you can draw a conclusion whether your attempts to target a foreign market can be fruitful or not. Run a thorough scrutiny on the geographical stats provided by Google Analytics, segment your email lists and find out if your targeted market is opening emails or not. From your analysis if you don’t a positive impact then you need to offer something extra to your users by making modifications to your email campaigns. What Actions Were Taken After Your Email Was Opened? The intention behind any email marketing is not to send as many emails as possible; instead those emails should be opened and read by the users. Google Analytics helps you to know what call to action have been taken by the users after opening your email such as; did they follow a link to reach your website? Did they browse through the products which are available on your site? Or did purchase any product from your site? Google Analytics enables you to get an outsiders perspective on your websites design and functionality, but also a commentary on the overall effectiveness of your site pages through the call to action they have taken. What Calls to Action rallied your readers? With the change in trends the email marketers are adopting new strategies to appeal their users. Earlier, email marketers used to provide a linked phrase “click here”, and that used to send people to pages on a website, which is the most common way of call to action followed in an email campaign. Now a day’s email marketers are offering something more than that such as asking people to follow on Twitter, Facebook, providing a link to download case study, or links to their videos. With Google Analytics, you can always know whether your requests were fulfilled by your users such as subscribing to join a social network, forward an email to a friend, or watching a how to video. With the data collected from Google Analytics you can check which type of call to action worked so that you can use the best ones in your future campaigns. There will always be chances for improvement in your email marketing, and making necessary changes should bring you desired results. But modifications need to be done in an organized manner. With Google Analytics you can track every action of your users in the form of data. Studying the data should help you in polishing your email campaigns and running in successful campaigns.