How to improve conversion rate?

If you have got a website that attracts user attention and drives great amount of traffic then its good news. However, if it isn’t converting well then you need to think of implementing the following things. 1. Set up funnel visualization I am sure you must have setup Funnel visualization in Google Analytics. If not, do it right now because it provides you with clues where your visitors are dropping off. Funnel visualization can provide you with clues not only when people leave but also why they leave. Such as, whether your visitors are viewing other websites content during the conversion process because the funnel you have created doesn’t satisfy them? Or are they simply pointed to your site at some point when pricing is disclosed? 2. Examine your forms Inspect all the forms on your website thoroughly. Make sure you include only those fields which are very much necessary. As simplicity is always appreciated, don’t make your visitors feel that most of the fields are irrelevant. For example, if it’s an ecommerce transaction; check if both the registration and billing form on the same page but not separated. Do complete checks starting with the basic lead form utilizing the best practices. 3. Invest in user testing There are numerous ways you can benefit from It provides you with live videos of users going through your website, what they think about your site and also about their thought process whether to convert or not. So when you have chance to understand user behavior you need to utilize it because it’s affordable – $29/user test. 4. Get your visitors back It’s not mandatory that every visitor turns out to be your customer. And at the same time it’s not okay if the conversion rate drops off. So for this reason it’s better to collect the basic information of your users when they visit your site sot that at a later point of time you can contact them via a follow-up message because a follow-up message is always appreciated by most users. Moreover, if a follow-up message contains some extra value such as offerings, free shipping, and discount coupons there are high chances of getting your visitors back. 5. Try different ways to build trust For sure there are many ways you can build and develop trust with your customers. Starting off you can try offering a guarantee by making customer service easily accessible and also by displaying logos of secure payments gateways. As most of these companies allow you to run an A/B testing by putting their logo in front of half your customer base and measuring the conversion rates of those customers against a control group you can draw some conclusions. 6. Avoid technical issues It’s not a tough task. As your website is the face of your organization, you need to make sure that its bug free and its performance is up to the mark. For you to be successful, you need consider all the reasons that are making the funnel a failure. Online there are many tools and plug-ins available to assess the performance of a website. Get them installed or else you can simply embed the plug-in in to the browser. Among this category is Yslow, install it on to your browser and it will provide you with lots of information related to website performance.