How to run effective SEO campaigns in low budget

Everyone is aware that SEO is the best practice to get rankings for a website. But the thing is, doing SEO in the right way can be tremendously expensive. Reason being, you need to allocate budget for advertising, link building, social media and blogs in order to push yourself high in the rankings. The question here is, can you run an SEO campaign if you don’t have money? Is there any other alternative wherein you can do yourself with very little cost? Yes. And all it requires is hard work and that’s it. Link exchange with other websites and blogs. The best way to boost your website rankings is by exchanging links with other websites who have a similar website of yours but with a slight different approach from yours and try to exchange links. Blogs playing a major role in the online space you can offer for link exchange with bloggers. This means uploading an article about their website on yours and vice versa. This way it can benefit both of you because the links within the article count a lot more than other links when it comes to SERP rankings. Write articles and submit to article directories Want to get links from other websites in huge count? Then create informative articles with good content so that they become useful to many looking for such information. Submit these articles to directories such as Ezine and Article base. Don’t forget to fill in the resource box with your website URL because pasting your web link here can help others to reach your website very easily and know more about your products and services. Moreover, these directories help you indirectly by putting your articles on other websites with your links included, making them valuable sources of link backs. Comment on Blogs Another great SEO technique which works well is blog commenting. Find out the blogs which are on the top search results for your target area and then start commenting. Always leave a link of your website at the end of the article you comment. While posting your comments to a particular topic on a blog, make sure that you read the complete article, understand it and then comment it. Just commenting for the sake of commenting will not fetch you results, instead all your comments will be treated as Spam. Comment on Forums The other technique in SEO is the Forum posting. Actively participate in forums that are relevant and interests you. Make sure that whatever comments you post here are organic and useful. However, you can add your web URL to your signature.