Improve Your Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate is used to measure the number of visitors to your website that end up buying products. Some websites main goal is to increase traffic. This is a fairly shortsighted strategy. You could have million visitors a day but in the end if you are not converting these visitors into customers the amount of traffic does not have much meaning.


There are a lot of simple ways you can help convert visitors. The first step is to make the experience of visiting your website pleasant and hassle free. A website that focuses on User Experience (UX) will reap a lot of rewards. Sometimes things are not where they should be and your customers have a difficult time figuring out how to buy something they like. You can help this process by focusing on a few things.

improve your conversion rate

Accessibility: Can visitors from many different countries access your site and view your content? Will they have an easy time doing a sales transaction?


Browsers: Is your website functional across a variety of browsers? Your website can become broken depending on the browser.


Buttons: Make sure that your buttons are visible. If people want to perform an action such as “Add to Cart” that button should be readily available and visible.


Usability: Have you made information about your product readily available? Can a visitor find the product they are looking for easily?


If you have multiple issues piling up on top of each other it might be having a devastating impact on your conversion rate.


Make sure to regularly update your website. If a product is no longer in stock alert visitors, do not let them find out the hard way. Being honest about how much shipping costs as well make users feel more comfortable shopping from your online store. Keeping the process from the moment a visitor sees a product they like and purchasing is key. If it becomes too complicated or you ask unnecessary questions it can turn users off from completing the process.


Design and content can play a role in trust. A user can be put at ease with the addition of a few pieces of information. Having a “VeriSign Secured” logo or a physical address can go a long way. Also making sure you have a clear policy on returns or if an issue arises it can make the experience more comfortable. Keeping a customers information on record can help with getting return business.


You should have more than one way to pay for your product. There isn’t a set way to buy products online and being prepared in advance will save your customers a lot of trouble. You should also make sure that products that your visitors might like are visible.


A well designed and streamlined website will go a long way when it comes to converting visitors.