Is WordPress a better platform to build your website?

With no doubt WordPress is a dominant blogging platform which also works as a platform to build websites too. But can this be used as a CMS platform? Yes, with minor modifications and few buttons clicks you can. Here comes the next big question, why you need to use WordPress over any other CMS? So find out some of the features that better defines WordPress as CMS. Easy to use – The very first benefit you name is easy operation. Follow the instructions and you are done building your website. It features a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor – an editor that enables you to get what you see and most importantly it eliminates you from writing any code. Manageability – There are thousands of plug-ins available in WordPress which help you in managing the website with ease. Just click on Add plug-in button and you will find the list. The most common plug-ins used are All-In-One SEO pack, XML sitemap generators and re-directions plug-ins and installing these will automatically make your website SEO friendly without actually optimizing your website for search engines manually. Compatibility – WordPress being so flexible it will work with just any web hosting provider right down to templates from previous versions of WordPress and also enables you to code templates very easily. You would require only 5 important files such as header, footer, index, sidebar and CSS files that’s it, and you can code your own template. But if you wish to have a more complex template then you would require more files to build. However, WordPress being a powerful platform it provides you with thousands of pre-made templates for you to use it right away with a single click using the theme browser. Secure – On the other hand WordPress offers you a great level of support and security by providing regular updates. If a flaw is found, it is fixed immediately and update will be released. You can view the update in your WordPress Admin panel and all you have to do is just install the update. However, most of the updates get installed automatically so there won’t be a necessity to put any additional effort from your side. Are there any weaknesses using WordPress? Yes, of course there are downsides with WordPress because no platform is perfect. For example, WordPress doesn’t make it easy to host an online shop. If you really require eCommerce platform then you should definitely go with a dedicated eCommerce platform and for this there are many available to choose from which does the job. So let’s say, if you are the one who wish to start a website and don’t really know where to start then WordPress can be your first choice. As most hosting companies have one click installations for WordPress available in their control panel, you can run the show with very minimal knowledge and that’s the beauty of WordPress. WordPress can suit to many but I am sure it can help people who just want a CMS platform to work with, or a powerful blogging platform.