List Of Top Ten Businesses To Start In 2017

It is always a good choice to start a new business from scratch, after all, it is what you can raise like your own baby, you can adore it, you can cherish its success and once your business is a grown up you can reap the lifelong benefits it has to offer. You might be very curious to know the top ten businesses in 2017 which are trending at their peak, so let us dive deep to find them out.

Expert Consulting

As the very name suggests, its a business of consulting, is that all to it? Well quite not, it is not only about consulting because that is something the prospective clients might already have, so what is so special about this business and what is that drives it to number 1 in this list. What does a company like McKinsey do? Why are they successful at what they do? The reason they are successful is they have a systematic approach to a specific kind of problem in a specific way, MECE is something you must have heard of, that is the concept they use in their problem-solving. Well we are not here to discuss about this rather we should find more about the expert consulting, if you have someone who is expert at something then this business is best suitable for that person, all you need to do is to set up a team of best people in a specific thing such as; training to HR personnel in case of various conflicts, and get going to approach the clients with a spectacular team which is expert at what they are being hired for. The pay is in huge fee that you will charge from MNCs.


Want to start a business or already running a business, you probably require some capital right and where are you going to find that from, well there are a number of ways to raise capital, such as; IPO, Private Equity, Venture Capitalist, Banks etc. Now Crowdfunding is a similar business where you provide some platform to a number of investors to help some good firms raise capital at a cheaper cost and that too mostly online, this has been trending very tight and is estimated to surpass Venture Capitalist by the end of this year.

wevio crowdfunding

Sales Enhancement with Quality Marketing Content

Everyone is into selling something or the other but what people do not understand is the right marketing content, information and right platform over the internet which drives the sale, so here is an opportunity for people just like you and me who understand the need of hi-tech marketing needs of present companies and can integrate it with their business in a way to increase their sales, this is a business with a lot of success potential as the companies demand for such integrated marketing.

Video Blogs

Today is a world of technology and no one has the time to read a lot and thus everyone wants to just watch useful videos, who is not aware of YouTube which is one of the biggest businesses operating under Google, there has been a survey in which 80% executives have testify that they watch online videos on business matters more than ever on some business websites or blogs, this brings us another opportunity to make the kind of videos that are popular and in demand by the businesses and by the individuals.

Online Tools

How can we forget about online tools for the large corporations when it comes to the successful businesses, one of the most important things which technology has been serving purpose to is communication, within every 3-5 years the face of communication has been changing and this is not all to online tools there are several other things that make a part of it, so this is another big opportunity in present time to tap on.

Wevio online Tools

Services to Brick and Mortar

The trade did start in a very spectacular way where people used to change things for value exchange but now things are at a whole new level and people do not really consider going to the brick and mortar shops for which they cannot find easy information online, for which they cannot find address easily and these businesses keep losing their share of market to companies like Amazon and the like, now what kind of opportunity do we have, we have the opportunity to bring these businesses online and help them grow their market share by integrating their business information online, this is one of the most trending businesses.

Sales with Expert Consultancy

People are leaned towards the sales team and their training needs, they also choose salespeople to hire over expert consultants (#1 trend) but there has been an opportunity found where the sales team is hired with the help expert recommendations and they are trained with an expert view of bringing more efficiency in the organization.

Narrow Segmenting Doctors

Most of the businesses are very broadly segmented which keep them from satisfying all their customers to the same extent and at times not even a bit, what these businesses think about the segments, they think more the segments more differentiated products, thus they make one product for one and only segment. That is where this business opportunity comes into play, you with a handful of experts approach these companies and convince them with a great research report backing your presentations, making expert recommendations with a proper set of tools in place.

Recurring Revenue
Now who doesn’t want to have a recurring source of revenue, I am talking about real recurring income just as from MIS, not much to tell as you would like to invest your money in some businesses for either upfront payment or for long-term and that will decide how much recurring income you would get. If you want upfront payment the recurring income would be less and if you are up for the long-term then you are looking up to some additional income.

wevio recurring revenue


The business never ends and company never dies but humans do retire and for that very reason, we need new human resource which is a new set-forth where consultancy firms and training centers are collaborating to provide the best human resource to the MNCs. This is a big opportunity for common business seekers, you can start a business to provide apt human resource according to various needs and make money from both ends, by training the human resource and by providing the good human resource to companies.

For a closing thought “have the fire in your belly to achieve success, every business will find its place in top 10”.