Online Marketing

There are two approachable ways of generating online traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Marketing. SEO is cost effective and requires more efforts where as online marketing involves less effort and more expenses.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website to draw more traffic from various search engines by using the right/targeted keywords and key phrases. The search engines use their individual algorithms to evaluate the rankings of your website for various keywords and key expressions. Search engines follow their own logic to rank your website based on keywords but you can play an active part in it. You can describe your products description and services by writing an effective content with the usage of targeted keyword/key phrases and can submit to search engine crawlers. Loading the website with huge content doesn’t make sense instead the content relevance make the website rank high. The logic for ranking on search engines is relevant content combined with right keywords.

The arrangement of your content on your website is defined as on-site optimization and the way you influence others to link back to your website is called as off-site optimization. These two optimization strategies are given equal importance for attaining high rankings. As said SEO doesn’t cost you much but requires efforts and patience. Once your website is optimized for the targeted/chosen keywords the results would be amazing helping you generate lots of revenue from it.

Online marketing

It takes less of your effort and much costlier process because you pay for every click and for every impression. For this you require monetary budget as you have to promote your website on various portals and even in search engines. It’s not a onetime process and you have to pay every time your website is promoted. It involves various campaigns like Pay per click, sponsored links, banner ads & email campaigns. For online marketing you don’t need to optimize your website or generate valuable/relevant content, instead you need to have an appealing website so that the money you invest doesn’t get wasted.

Every process has their own pros and cons but managing effectively your marketing strategies can definitely give you better results. SEO takes time to reap the benefits but online marketing doesn’t.