Product Descriptions and their role in offline and online selling

Whether it is an offline or online business? You know that words help in selling products. If are you planning an ecommerce store then you should really think and take time to focus on writing product descriptions for all the products in your store. Having the right descriptions for products can offer numerous benefits, which are discussed below. At first, is there any difference between offline and online selling? The answer is yes because if you observe closely there are some minor differences as the following. Attracting user’s attention: Online: • By having unique product descriptions with the Meta titles enable you to showcase products efficiently and thereby helping your items to get noticed easily. For example, if your are selling mobiles online, writing unique product description with Meta title can make your mobiles more visible to long tail traffic. • If you highlight the make and model number of the mobile in title and description, it easily attracts users who search for that specific mobile; even better, these particular set of users can become your customers later. Offline: • The same rule applies to offline selling too. If you own mobile shop, it becomes very important for you to catch the attention of the users who passes by your shop in order to improve sales. • Rather than displaying an indication that says you have wide range of mobiles, you can also take advantage of your competitors or manufacturers marketing dollars by promoting the same makes and models that you must have seen TV or in newspaper via advertisements in order to trigger recognitions in user’s minds. Lure the customers In: Online: • If you have written unique descriptions for each and every product on your website, those will usually be shown in the search engine results. Now this is your time to attract these users to your website using the two lines of text. o Why should users purchase the mobile from your store and what benefits they get if they buy from you. Offline: • Getting people in to your shop for things is only one side of it, but here you need to make them buy your products, which is the trickiest part. • When you operate a store there is no scope to use product descriptions but you can use words in the same way on your promotional material to make people visit and find out more. Selling the Benefits: Online: • Once users visit your site for products, you need to make sure the product descriptions themselves sell the benefits of mobiles. However, there are many online stores who sell mobiles with same make and models utilizing descriptions supplied by the manufacturer which are usually completely feature driven and quite dull to read. • Adding unique product descriptions can appeal the target market and can promote the benefits of each mobile clearly and as well the features of it. So you should be selling more mobiles online. Offline: • When compared to online selling the rules remain the same here but you need to efficiently communicate the benefits and features of it verbally rather than by the written word. Always think on how buying a particular mobile can have a positive effect on the user’s life and then sell them the benefits. Conclusion Here the trick is just to think beyond competition. Whether it’s an online or offline business, you should invest more efforts to get users attention, allure them and sell the benefits of your products to be successful.