SEO Techniques

There are numerous techniques in SEO that could help your website’s rankings. Although they could be helpful and merited from search engines, be careful not to overuse the same techniques because some search engines penalize you for it. Understanding how the rankings work can definitely help you come up with unique strategies to get your site to the top. First, it’s important to know the difference between on-site and off-site efforts of SEO. For on-site SEO, think of it as setting up your websites in a way to get easily noticed by search engines using relevant metadata, titles, headings, and keywords. Keywords are words that users search to find information from the vast database of search engines. Metadata keywords are words usually embedded in the code that reflects what is on the web page. So you will need 1) Meta keywords (not more than 20) 2) Meta description (a short description that summarizes the page containing the keywords relating to the content). Once the on-site optimization is done, you can start promoting your website in other websites using off-site SEO techniques. A website can be submitted to search engines as soon as these on-site techniques are implemented. Once the site is submitted with a Search engine, there won’t be any information pertaining to the site. To start collecting information from the website, search engines use automated programs called ‘robots’ to crawl to through the site. With thousands of sites sprouting daily it may take months for these robots to crawl through your website. Because of this long time wait, this is where off-site optimization comes in. Link building is an off-site technique that makes this process faster. It is posting links to your website all of over the local listings, directories, other community websites, virtually anywhere possible. Search engine spiders aka “robots” follow these links from other websites that they crawl around in and end up right to your site. By posting your website link onto these already established sites, you are increasing the chances of the robots coming into your site. Once a robot crawls into it, it is after a long time where they will visit again. There are, however, sites where robots crawl around in regularly. This happens only when site contents are added and updated regularly. In conclusion, more traffic is generated towards your site – which is your ultimate goal in SEO.